May 3, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting of Whitebead Board of Education

Call to order and recording of members present and absent.
Introduction of guests: Marissa Geneva 
Consent Agenda: The consent agenda consists of the discussion, consideration, and approval of the following items:
Minutes of the April 5, 2021 Regular Board Meeting.
Approval of the monthly financial report of Activity, General, Cooperative, Building and Hot Lunch funds.
Vote to approve Activity Fund purchase order encumbrances 160 through 181 and Activity Fund checks 5002 through 5017.
Vote to approve General Fund purchase order encumbrances 232 through 258 and General Fund warrants 1026 through 1060.
Vote to approve General Fund payroll encumbrances 70071 through 70072 and General Fund payroll warrants 947 through 1025.
Vote to approve Building Fund purchase order encumbrances 23 through 30 and Building Fund warrants 67 through 76
Vote to approve Child Nutrition encumbrances 59 through 65 and Child Nutrition warrants 192 through 199.
Vote to approve Child Nutrition payroll warrants 177 through 191.
Vote to hire staff on a 12 month contract for the 2021-2022 school year: Richelle Humphrey, Dave Martin, Toni Simon, Jana White, Maribel Lira 
Vote to rehire the following support staff for the 21/22 school year:
Karen McFadden          Cook
Mary Hagan                  Cook
Alejandra Jimenez        Office Assistant
Jessica Carnell             Teacher Assistant
Ashley Brumley            SPED Teacher Assistant
Rebecca Dennis           SPED Teacher Assistant 
Skye Hanners               Teacher Assistant
Elizabeth Amaya          Teacher Assistant
Vote to hire Marissa Geneva as Teacher/SPED for 21-22 school year. 
Vote to approve having summer school
Vote to approve attending Model Schools Confrence 2021
Vote to approve Contracting with OKTLE for teacher evaluations for the 2022 school year
Vote to Contract with ADPC for the 2022 school year
Vote to approve renewing interlocal cooperation agreement with Garvin County
Vote to approve the purchase of a school maintenance truck 
Vote to approve the purchase of a new phone system
Vote to approve using a food service company for 2022 school year 
Vote to contract with Angel, Johnston, & Blasingame, P.C. for 2022 State Audit
Superintendent's Report
  • Summer School
  • Model Schools Conference
  • New Carpet 
  • Food Service 
  • Retirements: Jr. Hurley and  Linda Hurley
  • Technology Grant
  • Graduation
Finance Report
Sign Warrants and Claims.
New Business
Vote to adjourn
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