October 5, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting of Whitebead Board of Education

Call to order and recording of members present and absent.
Introduction of guests: Richelle Humphrey, Toni Simon
Vote to hire Toni Simon as a Special Education Teacher Assistant for the 20/21 school year.
Vote to adopt/approve the following policies/policy revisions:
CBB Forbidding the Supplanting of Fed Funds & Grant monies for Local Revenece (New)
CBBA Grant Policies & Procedures (Revised)
CBBB Internal Controls (Revised)
CLB Equipment Accountability (Revised)
COB Procurement (Revised)
COB-P Procurement Protest Procedures (Revised)
COB-R Procurement Regulation (Revised)
DAAC Federal Programs Complaint Resolution (New)
DAAC-E Investigation Report on the Administration of Fed Program Activities (New)
DBD Conflicts of Interest (Revised)
DEE Expense Reimbursement (New)
DEE-R Travel and Expense (New)
DEE-E1 Travel Request Form Educational Meeting/ Conference (Revised)
DEE-P Reimbursement Procedures (Revised)
DDC Employee Resignations (Revised)
DE-R1 Salary Schedules (New)
DMB Professional Growth and Development (Revised)
DMB-R1 Professional Growth and Development Regulations (Revised)
DPAO Director of Federal Programs (New)
EHBC-R4 Special Education Services for Children Enrolled in Private School (New)
EHBE Limited English Proficiency Instruction (Revised)
EHBDB Title I Parent Involvement (Revised)
FD Student Residency (Revised)
FD-P Student Residency Dispute Procedures (New)
FDAHA Education of Migratory Children (New)
GJBA Student Recruitment Access to Students and Directory Information (Revised)
FMAAA Extracurricular Activities Emergency Medical Services (New)
ECA School District Screening Protocol (New)
GK Use of School Property (Revised)
BHH Development Opportunities: Board Members (Revised)
BBH-R1 New Board Member Workshop (Revised)
BBH-R2 School Board Member Continuing Education (New)
Vote to rescind the following policies:
Faculty and Board Members Travel and Expense Reimbursement 408
Staff Travel and Expense Reimbursement 455
Staff Meal Reimbursement 456
DDB Release from Contract 336
DDC Employee Resignations 337 
Faculty Salary Schedule 407
Title I Parent-Teacher Relations 510
FFAAB Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) 615
Vote to add a Community Relations Section to the Policy Book.
Vote to move the following policies to the Community Relations Section & Use the OSSBA Lettering to Identify these Policies: GBA Open Records Act; GBA-R Open Records Act (Regulation); GI Advertising on School Property; GJ School Visitors; GJ-P School Visitors (Grievance/Appeals Process); GK Use of School Property; GK-RI Use of School Property (Regulations); GK-EI Request for Use of School Property
Consent Agenda: The consent agenda consists of the discussion, consideration, and approval of the following items:
Minutes of the September 8, 2020 Regular Board Meeting.
Approval of the monthly financial report of Activity, General, Cooperative, Building and Hot Lunch funds.
Vote to approve Activity Fund purchase order encumbrances 36 through 63 and Activity Fund checks 4864 through 4899.
Vote to approve General Fund purchase order encumbrances 121 through 145 and General Fund warrants 263 through 295.
Vote to approve General Fund payroll encumbrances 70060 through 70063 and General Fund payroll warrants 190 through 262.
Vote to approve Building Fund warrants 23 through 31.
Vote to approve Child Nutrition encumbrances 14 through 17 and Child Nutrition warrants 48 through 56.
Vote to approve Child Nutrition payroll warrants 33 through 47.
Vote to approve the 20/21 Expenditure Budget.
Vote to approve the Annual Election Resolution and Legal Notice.
Presentation of School Board Member Points.
Superintendent's Report
Finance Report
COVID Update
Staff Moral
Pumpkin Patch
Parent Teacher Conferences
Sign Warrants and Claims.
New Business
Vote to adjourn
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