January 11, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Cashion Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. Call to order
2. Establish quorum
3. Consent Agenda (Consent Agenda may be voted separately at the request of any member of the Board of Education)
3.A. Vote to approve the agenda as part of the minutes
3.B. Vote to approve the minutes from the regular meeting of December 14th 2020.
3.C. Vote to approve the treasurer's report
3.D. Vote to approve the child nutrition report
3.E. Vote to approve the activity fund report
3.F. Vote to approve activity requests, fundraiser requests, and purpose of expenditure forms.
4. Items for Board Action:
4.A. Vote to approve purchase order encumbrances for 2020-2021
4.A.i. General Fund: P.O. #344-362 and P.O. #50123-50132 and increase #22 by $25,000.00, #65 by $1,000.00, and #299 by $18,000.00 totaling $78,384.90
4.B. Vote to approve payments for 2020-2021
4.B.i. General Fund payment numbers 897-1184 totaling $684,886.62
4.B.ii. Child Nutrition Fund payments 64-76 totaling $16,832.42
4.C. Approve lease purchase request #10 in the amount of $583,530.51.
4.D. Approve barn lease purchase request form # 3 in the amount of $184,923.41
4.E. Discussion/possible action on the following transfers of funds
4.E.i. Transfer $600.00 from activity Acct #979 (concession) to activity fund #811 (wrestling) for working football concession.
4.E.ii. Transfer $600.00 from activity Acct #979 (concession) to activity fund #904 (cheer) for working football concession.
4.F. Discussion / possible action on creation of new activity account specialty misc. account # 982.
4.G. Discussion of bond construction.
4.H. Discussion / possible action on TLE qualitative evaluation waiver and assurances.
5. Proposed Executive Session to discuss:
5.A. Resignations 25 S Sect. 307 (B) (6 & 7)
5.B. Employment of substitute teacher(s) 25 Sect. 307 (B) (1)
5.C. Employment of non-certified staff 25 S Sect. 307 (B) (1)
5.D. Employment of certified staff 25 S Sect. 307 (B) (1)
5.E. Employment of superintendent 25 OS Sect.307 (B) (1)
5.F. Incoming / outgoing student transfers (18-307) (B) (7)
6. Vote to enter executive session
7. Acknowledgement that Cashion Public Schools' Board of Education left executive session at (specify time by the board president)
8. Executive session minutes compliance announcement
8.A. State and record who was present for executive session
8.B. State and record that executive session discussion was limited to items listed on executive session agenda
8.C. State and record that no action was taken
9. Discussion / possible action on resignations to date
10. Discussion / possible action on employment of substitute teachers
11. Discussion /possible action on employment of non-certified staff
12. Discussion /possible action on employment of certified staff
13. Discussion / possible action on employment of superintendent.
14. Discussion / possible action on incoming / outgoing student transfers.
15. New Business
16. Vote to Adjourn
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