October 12, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Cashion Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. Call to order
2. Establish quorum
3. Consent Agenda (Consent Agenda may be voted separately at the request of any member of the Board of Education)
3.A. Vote to approve the agenda as part of the minutes
3.B. Vote to approve the minutes from the regular meeting of September 14th 2020.
3.C. Vote to approve the treasurer's report
3.D. Vote to approve the child nutrition report
3.E. Vote to approve the activity fund report
3.F. Vote to approve activity requests, fundraiser requests, and purpose of expenditure forms.
4. Items for Board Action:
4.A. Vote to approve purchase order encumbrances for 2020-2021.
4.A.i. General Fund: P.O. #261-298 and P.O. #50102-50116 and increase #171 by $405.00 and #241 by $886.70 totaling $90,242.70
4.A.ii. Building Fund P.O. #5  totaling $4,800.00
4.A.iii. 2019 Bond fund 3-5 totaling $17,164.57
4.B. Vote to approve payments for 2020-2021.
4.B.i. General Fund payment numbers 324-509 totaling $549,482.57
4.B.ii. Building Fund payment 5 totaling $4,800.00
4.B.iii. Child Nutrition Fund payments 21-35 totaling $24,844.13
4.B.iv. 2019 Bond Fund #39 3-4 totaling $16,462.57
4.C. Vote to approve payments for 2019-2020.
4.C.i. Building Fund payment 45 totaling $27,254.42
4.D. Approve lease purchase request form #6 in the amount of $656,819.50
4.E. Approve barn lease purchase request form #1 in the amount of $32,395.89
4.F. Discussion/possible action on the following transfers of funds
4.F.i. Transfer $5000.00 from activity account #801 (football) to general fund to pay C Cochran $1,500.00, E Robinson $1,500.00, and DL Robinson $2,000.00 for coaching football.
4.G. Discussion / possible action on Title 1 Schoolwide Plan.
4.H. Discussion / possible action on the following contracts; a) Dr. Sweet-Darter and Anselm Center for Consultation and Evaluation
4.I. Discussion / possible action on approval of Contingency Fee Agreement with Frantz Law Group, APLC, and Center for Education Law for representation in School District Vaping Lawsuit. 
4.J. Discussion / possible action on Cashion Public Schools selecting and administering the ACT to all Juniors.
4.K. Discussion / possible action on Local Wellness Plan
4.L. Discussion / possible action on FY 2021 working school expenditure budget.
4.M. Discussion / possible action on the following policies: CBB, CBBA, CBBB, CLB, COB, COB-P, COB-R, DAAC, DAAC-E, DBD, DEE-R, DE-R1, DMB, DMB-R1, DPAO, EHBC-R4, EHBE, FD, FDAHA, FD-P, GJBA.
4.N. Discussion / possible action on a Board of Education Primary Election shall be held on February 9, 2021, only if three or more candidates file for the Board of Education position scheduled to be on the ballot or for a Board of Education position appearing on the ballot as an unexpired term.  A Board of Education General Election shall be held on April 6, 2021, under the following circumstances: if only two candidates file for a position scheduled to be on the ballot or for a position on the ballot for an unexpired term or if no candidate in the Board of Education Primary Election receives more than 50% of the votes cast
4.O. Discussion / possible action on closing split precincts with less than 100 registered voters for the annual school board election.
4.P. Discussion / possible action on chess stipend. 
4.Q. Discussion of bond progress.
5. Principal Reports 
6. Proposed Executive Session to discuss:
6.A. Resignations 25 S Sect. 307 (B) (6 & 7)
6.B. Employment of substitute teacher(s) 25 Sect. 307 (B) (1)
6.C. Employment of non-certified staff 25 S Sect. 307 (B) (1)
6.D. Employment of certified staff 25 S Sect. 307 (B) (1)
6.E. In-coming/out-going student transfers (18-307) (B) (7)
7. Vote to enter executive session
8. Acknowledgement that Cashion Public Schools' Board of Education left executive session at (specify time by the board president)
9. Executive session minutes compliance announcement
9.A. State and record who was present for executive session
9.B. State and record that executive session discussion was limited to items listed on executive session agenda
9.C. State and record that no action was taken
10. Discussion / possible action on resignations to date
11. Discussion /possible action on employment of certified staff
12. Discussion / possible action on incoming / out-going student transfers
13. Discussion possible action on employment of substitute teachers. 
14. Discussion possible action on employment of non- certified staff.
15. New Business
16. Vote to Adjourn
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