June 24, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Amber-Pocasset Board of Education Special Meeting

1. Meeting Called to Order and Roll Call.
2. Meeting of the Public
3. Consent Agenda
3.a. Approve the agenda as posted.
3.b. Approve Minutes from the previous meeting: June 7, 2021; Regular
3.c. Approve Encumbrances, Adjustments and Change Orders on:
3.c.1. General Fund - Payroll: PO #70143-70144; $5,255.83
3.c.2. General Fund - Operations: PO#'s458-472; $30,419.48
3.c.3. Building Fund: PO#'s 27-28; $80,036.00 
3.c.4. 2012 Building Bond Fund: None
3.c.5. 2016 Building Bond Fund: None
3.d. Approve July 2021 Payroll and Encumbrances for FY22.
3.d.1. General Fund - Payroll: PO #'s70001-70011; $780,508.48
3.d.2. General Fund - Operations: $822,090.45
3.d.3. Building Fund - $132,913.99
3.d.4. 2012 Bond Fund 35 - $920,650.00
3.d.5. 2015 Bond Fund 36 - $482.00
3.d.6. 2016 Bond Fund 37 - $248,473.58
3.d.7. 2019 Bond Fund 38 - $2,023,200.00
3.e. Approve making necessary corrections to Activity Fund Accounts needed to correct balances, deposits, and or expenditures.
3.f. Approve the transfer of Activity Funds: Refund Clearing, Petty Cash, Sr. Class, and Student Lounge/Concession.
3.g. Approve an agreement with Ninnekah Public Schools to provide Alternative Education Services for the 2021-2022 school year.
4. Discussion and vote to approve or not approve  adopting, amending, and/or updating the following policies:
4.a. Procurement Plan
4.b. EIEDF; Individual Career and Academic Programs
4.c. FDAAA; Electronic Signatures
4.d. DOAC; Support Employee Termination or Nonrenewal
4.e. DBH; Lactation Locations
4.f. CI; Sale of Property by School District
4.g. BDFB & BDFD; Healthy and Fit School Advisory Committee Changes
4.h. EJB; Suicide Awareness and Training
5. Discussion and vote to approve or not approve any resignations.
6. Superintendent's Reports
6.a. Financial Reports
6.b. Construction Update
6.c. Special Education Update
7. Adjourn
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