November 5, 2018 at 5:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda

I. Call Meeting to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Pledge of Allegiance to Flag: Addison Lipe and David Lipe
Speaker(s):  Northwest Elementary Students
IV. Public Comments - (Restricted to specific agenda item as listed for this meeting.)
V. Excellence in Education
V.A. Community Education
Speaker(s):  Ms. Alice Bowling/Mr. Clay Martin/Ms. Tanya Reichert
V.B. Northwest Elementary
Speaker(s):  Ms. Lynette Talkington
V.C. Aquatic Center
Speaker(s):  Ms. Lisa Ruffin
VI. Consent Agenda
VI.A. Motion and possible vote to approve or disapprove the following General Consent Agenda, items A - P, (per attached)
VII. Teaching and Learning
VII.A. Presentation of Drop-Out Report and Remediation Report
Speaker(s):  Mr. David Beiler
VII.B. Review and discussion of district enrollment update for 2018-2019
Speaker(s):  Dr. Amy Hudson
VIII. School Operation
VIII.A. Discussion, consideration, and possible vote to approve or disapprove the Call for the 2019 Annual School Election Resolution of Board Seat for Ward Number 4
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stacey Butterfield
VIII.B. Discussion of potential dates and items for Bond Election in FY2019
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stacey Butterfield/Mr. Cody Way
VIII.C. Discussion, consideration, and possible vote to approve or disapprove endorsement of the 2019 OneVoice Legislative Agenda
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stacey Butterfield
VIII.D. Monthly construction report and discussion
Speaker(s):  Mr. Jeffrey Beyer
IX. Finance
IX.A. Review and discussion of the general operating funds, revenue and expenditure budget, Treasurer's reconciled cash report and investment portfolio
Speaker(s):  Mr. Cody Way
X. Personnel
X.A. Motion and possible vote to accept or reject resignations or resignation agreements received since agenda posting
Speaker(s):  Ms. Dana Ezell
XI. Superintendent's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stacey Butterfield
XII. New Business
XIII. Adjournment
XIII.A. Motion and possible vote to adjourn meeting
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