September 10, 2018 at 5:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda

I. Call Meeting to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Pledge of Allegiance to Flag: Sydney Lamb and Carter Schultz
Speaker(s):  Southeast Elementary Students
IV. Special Recognition
IV.A. ACT Perfect Score - Michael Hwang, Junior
Speaker(s):  Mr. David Beiler
IV.B. Chinese Exchange Students and Teachers
Speaker(s):  Mr. Eric Fox/Mr. Justin McCrackin
V. Public Comments - (Restricted to specific agenda item as listed for this meeting.)
VI. Excellence in Education Reports
VI.A. Southeast Elementary
Speaker(s):  Ms. Lindy Risenhoover
VI.B. Student Assessment
Speaker(s):  Ms. Deb Ensminger
VI.C. Purchasing
Speaker(s):  Mr. Doug Karnes
VII. Consent Agenda
VII.A. Motion and possible vote to approve or disapprove the following General Consent Agenda, items A - BB, (per attached)
VIII. Teaching and Learning
VIII.A. Review and discuss 2017-18 District Survey Data
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lisa Muller/Dr. Stacey Butterfield
IX. School Operation
IX.A. Discussion, consideration, and possible vote to approve or disapprove the calendar of Regular Board of Education meetings for the 2019 calendar year
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stacey Butterfield
IX.B. Discussion, consideration, and possible vote to approve or disapprove the 2018-2019 Sinking Fund Estimate of Needs and Requirements to retire bonded indebtedness for Jenks Public Schools
Speaker(s):  Mr. Cody Way
IX.C. Monthly construction report and discussion
Speaker(s):  Mr. Jeffrey Beyer
X. Finance
X.A. Review and discussion of the general operating funds, revenue and expenditure budget, Treasurer's reconciled cash report and investment portfolio
Speaker(s):  Mr. Cody Way
XI. Personnel
XI.A. Discussion, consideration, and vote to approve or disapprove the following new positions for the 2018-2019 school year:
Speaker(s):  Ms. Dana Ezell
XI.A.1. Certified - Grant Funds
XI.A.1.a. 0.5 Title I Math Specialist - Northwest Elementary
XI.A.2. Classified - Grant Funds
XI.A.2.a. 0.5 Title I Reading Instructional Assistant, 17.5 hours/9 months - Northwest Elementary
XI.B. Motion and possible vote to accept or reject resignations or resignation agreements received since agenda posting
Speaker(s):  Ms. Dana Ezell
XII. Executive Session
XII.A. Motion, discussion, consideration, and possible vote to go into executive session:
XII.A.1. Pursuant to Oklahoma Statute Title 25, 307(B)(1), for the purpose of discussing the Superintendent's evaluation and contract
XII.B. Motion and possible vote to acknowledge return to open session
XII.C. Receipt of sealed executive session minutes from Board President
XIII. Hearing of the Public
XIV. Superintendent's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stacey Butterfield
XV. New Business
XVI. Adjournment
XVI.A. Motion and possible vote to adjourn meeting
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