August 20, 2012 at 5:00 PM - Board of Education Special Board Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Public Comments - (Restricted to specific agenda item as listed for this meeting)
IV. Executive Session
IV.A. Discussion, consideration and vote to enter into Executive Session:
IV.A.1. Pursuant to OKLA. STAT. tit. 25, Section 307(B)(2), for the purpose of discussing negotiations, and
IV.A.2. Pursuant to OKLA STAT. tit.25, Section 307(B)(1), for the purpose of discussing the salaries of Classified and Administrative Personnel
IV.B. Vote to acknowledge return to open session
IV.C. Receipt of sealed Executive Session minutes from Board President
V. Consent Agenda
V.A. Vote to approve or disapprove the following General Consent Agenda, items A-O (per attached),
VI. Personnel:
VI.A. Discussion, consideration, and vote to approve or disapprove the following new positions for the 2012-2013 school year.
Speaker(s):  Ms. Butterfield
VI.A.1. Classified - General Funds
VI.A.1.a. 25-hour Bus Driver - Transportation
VI.A.1.b. 25-hour Bus Assistant -Transportation
VI.A.1.c. 30-hours Instructional Assistants - English Language Development
VI.A.2. Classified - Community Education Funds
VI.A.2.a. 35-hour Childhood Instructor I - Community Preschool
VI.A.2.b. 10 hours Parent Educators - Parents As Teachers
VI.B. Discussion, consideration, and vote to approve or disapprove the 2012-2013 Negotiated Agreement (including the Salary Schedule for Certified Teachers) between the Jenks Board of Education and the Jenks Classroom Teachers Association (JCTA).
Speaker(s):  Ms. Butterfield
VI.C. Discussion, consideration, and vote to approve, disapprove, or modify the salary adjustments for Administrative and Classified Employees and the 2012-2013 Salary Schedules as follows:
Speaker(s):  Ms. Butterfield
VI.C.1. Classified Hourly
VI.C.2. Classified Annual
VI.C.3. Classified Administrative
VI.C.4. Certified Administrative
VII. Vote to accept or reject resignations received since agenda posting
VIII. Adjournment
VIII.A. Vote to adjourn
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