February 16, 2011 at 5:00 PM - SPECIAL

I. Call Meeting to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Public Comments - (Restricted to specific agenda item as listed for this meeting)
IV. Consent Agenda
IV.A. Vote to approve or disapprove the following General Consent Agenda, items A-D (per attached)
V. School Operation
V.A. Consideration, discussion and vote to approve, disapprove or modify the recommendation to change the District Professional Day on February 21, 2011 to an instructional day, and to add 30 minutes to the end of each instructional day beginning February 21, 2011 until the end of the school year,
Speaker(s):  Ms. Burchfield
V.A.1. currently scheduled for May 25, 2011. The District Professional Day will be held on May 26, 2011 and the Teacher Work Day changed to May 27, 2011.
V.B. Consideration, discussion and vote to approve declaring an emergency Pursuant to Section 130 of Title 61 of the Oklahoma Competitive Bidding Act, with regard to all contracts reasonably necessary for the clean up, restoration and construction at the Performing Arts Center and High School 5
Speaker(s):  Mr. Ferem
V.B.1. arising out of the flood which occurred on February 3, 2011, and to direct the Superintendent of Schools to make notification of such emergency to proper legal authorities.
VI. Personnel
VI.A. Consideration, discussion and vote to approve or disapprove extra duty assignments and contracts, as listed on Appendix A
Speaker(s):  Ms. Butterfield
VI.B. Vote to accept or reject resignations presented for action
Speaker(s):  Stacey Butterfield
VII. Adjournment
VII.A. Vote to adjourn
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