January 10, 2011 at 5:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Pledge of Allegiance: Olivia Blackmon & Avery Shannon/SE students
IV. Special Recognition
IV.A. Site Teachers of the Year
Speaker(s):  Ms. Muller
IV.B. National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
Speaker(s):  Ms. Muller
V. Public Comments - (Restricted to specific agenda item as listed for this meeting)
VI. Consent Agenda
VI.A. Vote to approve or disapprove the following General Consent Agenda, items A-M,(per attached)
VI.A.1. Contracts
VI.A.2. Leaves
VI.A.3. Reports
VI.A.4. Resignations/Terms/Retirements
VII. Instruction
VII.A. Acceptance of $12,743 in JPS Foundation, Inc. Grant Funds and Awarding of Teacher Grants
Speaker(s):  Ms. Fisher
VII.B. Site Remediation Plan Reports
Speaker(s):  Ms. Oare/Mr. Miller/Mr. Cyrus/Mr. Vanzee/Mr. Means
VII.C. Presentation of Future Programs for the Math and Science Building
Speaker(s):  Ms. Burchfield/Ms. Muller
VIII. School Operation
VIII.A. Monthly Construction Report
Speaker(s):  Mr. Ferem
VIII.B. Consideration, discussion and vote to approve or disapprove the lowest responsible bids for the Jenks Baseball Improvements Phase III Project and approve or disapprove the assignment of the approved bidsd to LD Kerns Contractors
Speaker(s):  Mr. Ferem
VIII.B.1. and accept a Guaranteed Maximum Price from LD Kerns Contractors for the execution of the Jenks Baseball Improvements Phase III Project
Speaker(s):  Mr. Ferem
VIII.C. JHS Aquatics Center Presentation
Speaker(s):  Ms. Bowling
VIII.D. Second reading and consideration, discussion and vote to approve, disapprove or modify new Policy regarding Concussions and Head Injuries
Speaker(s):  Ms. Butterfield
VIII.E. Discussion Regarding Drug/Alcohol Interventions
Speaker(s):  Ms. Burchfield/Ms. Muller
IX. Finance
IX.A. Report, review and discussion of the Jenks Public Schools audit for FY 2009-10 conducted by Independent Auditors Sanders, Bledsoe and Hewett
Speaker(s):  Ms. McKay/Mr. Bledsoe
IX.B. Review and discussion of the general operating funds, revenue and expenditure budget, Treasurer's reconciled cash report and investment portfolio
Speaker(s):  Ms. McKay
X. Personnel
X.A. Consideration, discussion and vote to approve or disapprove the following new positions:
Speaker(s):  Ms. Butterfield
X.A.1. Certified-Temporary-Grant Funded
X.A.1.a. 1.0 Special Education teacher -- Middle School
X.A.2. Classified-Temporary-ACE Remediation Funds
X.A.2.a. Instructional Assistant 35 hrs-High School/Freshman Academy
X.A.3. Community Education
X.A.3.a. Aquatic Center Manager
X.A.3.b. Master's Swim Club Coordinator
X.B. Vote to accept or reject resignations presented for action
Speaker(s):  Ms. Butterfield
XI. New Business
XII. Adjournment
XII.A. Vote to adjourn
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