Call to Order
Public Comments
OSSBA Assemble training for board members- Kelly Ross
OMRF Scholar Research Report- Ben Houston
Transportation Report- Mr. Lawson
Financial Status of the District- Mr. Goucher
Consent Agenda
Minutes of the May 14, 2018 board meeting
Approval of financial statement, activity fund report, investment recommendations, account creations or adjustments, fund transfers and expenditure comparisons, all claims, encumbrances, purchase orders, activity fund transfers change orders and budget adjustments
Approval of BancFirst for district depository/banking services
Approval to authorize Craig McVay's signature for purchase orders
Approval to renew the procedure to obtain comparable investment rates from local banking institutions
Approval to designate the Superintendent of Schools and or his designee of El Reno ISD #34 as the authorized representative of this school district for the purpose of completing and signing insurance applications, uninsured motorist election/rejection forms, submitting proof of loss forms and generally dealing with any and all insurance carriers providing insurance coverage to this school district
Approval of renewal of American Fidelity Assurance Company as Section 125 Plan service provider
Approval of annual renewal of School Hours to Days board policy EBA
Approval of School Hours to Days Worksheet Reports
Approval of renewal of Property/Casualty School Board Legal Liability Insurance agreement with OSRMT for 2018-2019
Approval of 2018-19 OSAG Workers' Compensation Insurance Quote
Approval of lists of Activity Fund Expenditures, Revenues and all Sub Accounts for FY 2018
Approval of renewal of Fundraiser list for the 2018-2019 school year
Approval of renewal of Cumulative Oath of Office for School District Treasurer Sandra Porter and Deputy Treasurer Linda
Approval of Open and Emergency Transfer Requests for 2018-2019
Approval of Certification of Compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
Approval of 2019-2022 Technology Plan
Approval of renewal agreement with School Based Services to provide evaluations and psychological services
Approval of renewal of membership in OSSBA for 2018-2019
Approval of out of state field trip to Disney World June 2019
Approval of New Activity Fund Sub-Account for Junior High Football
Approval of sanctioning for EHS Kickline Club
Approval of 2018-2019 CCOSA District Level Services Program Agreement
Approval of 2018-2019 Center for Communication & Engagement Agreement
Approval of GCN Agreement for 2018-2019
Approval of Agreement with LaDeana Andrews, Special Services Consultant
Approval of renewal of Vernon Florence E-Mail Information Service
Approval of renewal of membership in United Suburban School Association
Approval of Barlow Education Management Services Agreement for 2018-2019
Approval of sanctioning of EHS HomeRun Club
Approval to award bids for 2018-2019 general school supplies
Approval of renewal of 2018-2019 contract for legal services with the Center for Educational Law
Current Business:
Possible consideration and vote regarding the Agreement for Educational Services at Canadian County Juvenile Detention Center, at Canadian County Education Center and at Ft. Reno Adolescent Center and for El Reno Public Schools to serve as LEA for 2018-2019 Fiscal Year- Superintendent Recommendation:
Possible consideration and vote regarding Redland's pool-Superintendent Recommendation:
Possible consideration and vote regarding new board policy FFGA-Superintendent Recommendation:
Possible consideration and vote regarding revision of board policy BBB and BBH- Superintendent Recommendation:
Student Council Report- Absent
EEA Report: Lisa Newman reported that they are getting ready for negotiations
Superintendent's Report: Mr. McVay discussed the recent referendum by the Supreme Court. He also told the board that we will be studying the Activity Fund policies at the July board meeting. He publicly thanked Mr. Goucher and staff for the the hard work done with the finances this year
Executive Session. Possible executive session to discuss the retirement of employees listed in agenda item 9D; the resignation of employees listed in agenda item 9E; the employment of, subject to assignment the positions listed in agenda item 9F; the continued employment of Support Personnel Contracts for 2018-19, subject to assignment listed in agenda item 9G and to conduct on-going monthly confidential evaluation of the employment performance of the Superintendent pursuant to O. S. § 307 (B)(1) of the Open Meeting Act
Possible consideration and vote to convene/not to convene into executive session
Board Acknowledges return to Open Session
Executive session minutes compliance statement
Possible consideration and vote regarding the retirement of: LaNeta Guth; Patty Kara;
Possible consideration and vote regarding the resignation of Teresa Carroll; Kaitlyn Turner; Brad Mallam; Steven Whalen; Clarissa Clanahan; Jocelyn Hernandez; Sherri Romine; Jonathan Kubilis; Tammy Poolaw; Kristi Colbert; Brittney Webster; Deanna Bender; Janeen Hamann
Possible consideration and vote regarding the employment of, subject to assignment: Jakeil Everheart-ISD; Tabitha Wright-Teacher Assistant (replacement); Jordan Holsapple-Teacher (replacement); Pam Sloan-Teacher (replacement); Brent Jones-Teacher (replacement); Patrick Whalen-Teacher (replacement); Austin Little-Teacher (replacement); Kristina Rubsamen-Maintenance; Connie Givens-Teacher (replacement); Dante Archuleta-Teacher (replacement); Josh Ingram-Teacher (replacement); Tyler Brown-Adjunct Coach; Michael Smith-Teacher CCEC; Patrick King-Teacher (replacement); Courtney Whitehead-Teacher Assist; Rafael Berrios-ELL Teacher (replacement); Rebecca Ninman-Teacher (replacement); Raquel Morales- Food Service; Sandy Canright-Food Service; Amanda Rodriquez- Food Service; Mayra Hernandez-Food Service; Terry Hubbard- Adjunct Coach
Possible consideration and vote regarding the continued employment of Support Personnel Contracts for 2018-2019 (see attached list)
New Business: Possible consideration of any new business of an emergency nature that had not been contemplated at the time of agenda preparation and cannot be delayed until the next regular board meeting
Next school board meeting: July 16 at 5:30 pm in the School Administration Building, 100 South Bickford, El Reno, Oklahoma.
Adjournment: Possible consideration and vote regarding adjourning
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