January 15, 2020 at 5:30 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. Call meeting to order.
2. Roll call of members.
3. Reading and approval or disapproval of minutes of December 11, 2019 board meeting.
4. Discussion and vote to approve or disapprove encumbrances.
5. Financial reports:
5.1. Activity Fund
5.2. Appropriated Funds
6. Hearing from Classroom Delegate.
7. Superintendent's Report.
8. Discuss and vote to establish, not establish, revise or not revise Anderson District Policies.
8.1. EGHBDBA (Parent Participation in the School District)
8.2. EMG (Animals in Schools)
8.3. FDC-R1 (Attendance Policy) 
8.4. FFACD (Administration of Opiate Antagonists)
8.5. EHBH (Alternative Education)
8.6. EIA-R4 (Student Retention)
8.7. EKBA (Reading Sufficiency Testing)
8.8. FFG (Reporting Suspected Child Abuse And/Or Neglect)
8.9. CHC (Bids and Quotations)
8.10. CHCB (Selection of a Construction Manager)
9. Proposed executive session to discuss the following items pursuant to O.S. Title 25, Section 307 (B) (1).
9.1. Evaluation of the Superintendent, Kevin Younger.
9.2. Discussion on re-hiring or not re-hiring Superintendent, Kevin Younger.
9.3. Discussion on Employee Surveys.
10. Acknowledge return to open session.
11. Executive session minutes compliance announcement.
12. Vote on Executive Session item:
12.1. Discuss and vote to rehire or not rehire Kevin Younger.
13. Discuss and vote to approve or not approve December stipends for employees.
14. New business.
15. Adjournment.
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