October 12, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Locust Grove Regular Meeting

1. Call meeting to order and Pledge of Allegiance
2. Roll Call
3. Open Forum, Public Comment or Indian Education Comments/Concerns
  • Speakers must identify themselves and sign in prior to the start of the meeting
  • Each speaker is given a maximum of five (5) minutes
  • Total time allocated to this item is twenty (20) minutes
  • The President reserves the right to interrupt this section and move to the next item
4. Superintendent Report/Recognitions
5. Consent Agenda
All of the items, which consist of a routine nature normally approved at Board meetings, will be approved by one vote unless any Board member desires to have a separate vote on any or all of these items.  The consent agenda consists of the discussion, consideration and approval of the following items: 
5.a. Minutes of Regular Board Meeting, September 15, 2020
5.b. Treasurer’s Report/Financial Report
5.c. Approve General Fund Encumbrances, September/October 2020
5.d. Activity Fund Report for September 2020
6. Take action on Nancy Neff as Overseer of Educational Services for eligible juveniles identified by the law for 2020-2021
7. Take action on appointment of Mark Jones as Bullying Coordinator for 2020-2021
8. Take action to approve Gifted and Talented Policies and Procedures and Budget for 2020-2021
9. Take action to approve Title I Plans for the ELC, UE, MS, and HS for 2020-2021
10. Take action to approve Public Law 81-874 Indian Policies and Procedures and Federal Programs Complaint Procedures for 2020-2021
11. Discussion and possible action to approve FFA out-of-state trip to the American Royal Livestock Show in Kansas City, MO, October 13-17, 2020
12. Discussion and possible board action to pass 2021 Board of Education Election Resolution
13. Take action to approve MOU Locust Grove Public Schools and Town of Locust Grove Police Department School Resource Officer Program for 2020-2021
14. Proposed executive session for the purpose of discussing employment of Stephanie Hendrickson, MS Paraprofessional, Misty Trevino, Transportation Aide and resignations a.-b.: (a.) Cassandra Salyers, Paraprofessional (b.) Ashley Wisdom, Transportation Aide pursuant to Oklahoma Statute 25 Section 307 (B)(1)
a.  Vote to convene into executive session
b.  Acknowledge return to open session
c.  Statement of executive session minutes
15. Take action to employ Stephanie Hendrickson, MS Paraprofessional 
16. Take action to employ Misty Trevino, Transportation Aide
17. Take action to accept resignations a.-b.:
a. Cassandra Salyers, Paraprofessional 
b.  Ashley Wisdom, Transportation Aide
18. New Business and action, if needed
19. Adjournment
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