June 14, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Locust Grove Regular Meeting

1. Call meeting to order and Pledge of Allegiance
2. Roll Call
3. Open Forum, Public Comment or Indian Education Comments/Concerns
  • Speakers must identify themselves and sign in prior to the start of the meeting
  • Each speaker is given a maximum of five (5) minutes
  • Total time allocated to this item is twenty (20) minutes
  • The President reserves the right to interrupt this section and move to the next item
4. Superintendent Report/Recognitions
5. Discussion and possible action to accept resignation of Board Seat District #3, Jim Ward
6. Discussion and possible action to appoint Deputy Board Clerk
7. Consent Agenda
All of the items, which consist of a routine nature normally approved at Board meetings, will be approved by one vote unless any Board member desires to have a separate vote on any or all of these items.  The consent agenda consists of the discussion, consideration and approval of the following items: 
7.a. Minutes of Regular Board Meeting, May 10, 2021
Minutes of Bond Sale Meeting, May 20, 2021
Minutes of Special Meeting, June 3, 2021
7.b. Treasurer/Financial Report
7.c. Approve General Fund Encumbrances for May-June, 2021
7.d. Activity Fund Report for May, 2021
7.e. 7e.  Contracts for FY 2021-2022:
Summit Pediatric Therapies
Oklahoma Energy Source, LLC (OKES)
CRW Consulting E-rate Services, LLC
Gabbart Communications
Explore Learning
Oklahoma School Assurance Group (OSAG-Worker's Comp)
Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration - CCOSA
Teresa Roberts (School Psycho-Educational Services)
OSSBA Employment Services
OSSBA Policy Services
OSSBA Membership Renewal
OSSBA Assemble Annual Subscription
OPAA! Food Management of Oklahoma, LLC
NAFIS (National Association of Federally Impacted Schools)
Accellus CybrSchool
Ruth Kelly Portrait Studio
8. Discussion and possible action on property and liability insurance for 2021-2022
9. Proposed executive session for purpose of discussing employment of Support Staff for 2021-2022 per List A, High School Teacher, two (2) Upper Elementary teachers, Middle School Teacher, 12-month salary increases, armed security stipends, student open transfers for 2021-2022, and resignations of a.) Jessica Heath, b.) Shaney O'Dell, c.) Brenda Blackfox and retirement resignation of Bobby Morrison pursuant to Oklahoma Statute 25 Section 307(B)(1). 
a.  Vote to convene into executive session
b.  Acknowledge return to open session
c.  Statement of executive session minutes 
10. Take action on employment of Support Staff for 2021-2022 per List 
11. Take action on employment of High School Teacher for 2021-2022
12. Take action on employment of Upper Elementary Teacher for 2021-2022
13. Take action on employment of Upper Elementary Teacher for 2021-2022
14. Take action on employment of Middle School Teacher for 2021-2022
15. Take action on 12-month Support Salary increases
16. Takeaction on armed security stipends
17. Take action to approve student open transfers for 2021-2022
18. Take action on resignations a. thru c.:
a.  Jessica Heath
b.  Shaney O'Dell
c.  Brenda Blackfox
19. Take action on retirement/resignation of Bobby Morrison
20. New Business and action, if needed
21. Adjournment
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