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November 9, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Board of Education Meeting

1.1. Call Meeting to Order (President)
1.2. Flag Salute
1.3. Roll Call (Minutes Clerk of the Board)
2.1. Presentation of the Employee of the Month and Friend of Education Awards

The President of the Board will preside over presenting the November Employee of the Month and Friend of Education Awards to the following employees.
Certified Employee of the Month ....................................................................Cathy Bible
Assistant Principal at West Middle School
Support Employee of the Month ..................................................................Brandi Turner
Child Nutrition Program at Washington Pre-K
Friend of Education....................................................................Kylie Hughes and Family
Supporters of East Middle School
3.1. Comments From the Public

The Ponca City Public School Board of Education recognizes the value to school governance of public comment on educational issues and the importance of involving members of the public in board meetings. The board has established guidelines to govern public participation in board meetings necessary to conduct its meetings and to maintain
order. After checking in with the board clerk, individuals or groups wishing to speak during the public comment period must provide the following information, in writing, in order to speak before the board:
• Name and address of the individual
• The agenda action item(s) the individual wishes to address
• The organization the individual represents or is affiliated with, if applicable
Anyone who would like to speak to the board during public comment period of the meeting must check in with the board clerk at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the board meeting. There will be a form available they will need to fill out and return to the board clerk before they can be heard by the board.

Participants must be recognized by the president or other presiding officer and must preface their comments by an announcement of their name and group affiliation, if applicable.
Comments of the speaker must relate to an item on the meeting agenda. Generally, participants shall be limited to comment of a maximum of three (3) minutes duration unless altered by the presiding officer, with the approval of the board. All public comments during any one regular meeting shall be limited to no more than fifteen (15) minutes. No participant may speak more than once during a single meeting. All statements shall be directed to the presiding officer; no participant may address or question board members individually.

For more information regarding Speaking Privileges of the Public, please refer to Board Policy 2.4 Speaking Privileges of the Public, that is available at the board meeting, or in the board policy manual located on the district website,, under Board of Education.
4.1. College Remediation Report (Shelley Arrott & DaLana Hawkins)
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5.1. COVID-19 Update
Motion required for the approval of the Consent Agenda as printed or as amended.  Board members may, however, call for a separate vote on any or all items listed on the Consent Agenda.
6.1. Agenda with Commentary
6.2. Minutes from October 12, 2020 Regular Board Meeting 
6.3. Contracts/Agreements under $10,000
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7.1. Consider and Take Action on the Following District Financial Reports:
7.1.A. FY21 Budget Amendments
7.1.B. FY21 General Fund 11 Encumbrances #549 - #619 in the amount of $134,083.19.
Attachments: (1)
7.1.C. FY21 Building Fund 21 Encumbrances #38 - #40 in the amount of $310,202.20.
Attachments: (1)
7.1.D. FY21 Child Nutrition Fund 22 Encumbrances #98 - #103 in the amount of $1,832.80.
Attachments: (1)
7.1.E. 2020 Building Bond 31 Encumbrance #8 - #10 in the amount of $12,130.71.
Attachments: (1)
7.1.F. FY21 Gifts and Endowment Fund 81 Encumbrances #43 - #44 in the amount of $1,160.00.
Attachments: (1)
7.1.G. Change Order Listing as of 11/2/2020 for Funds 11, 21, 22, and 30.
7.1.H. Budget Analysis Reports
7.1.I. Bond Fund Reports
7.1.J. Booster Club Fundraiser Requests
7.1.K. Activity Fund Reports/Requests
7.1.L. Treasurer’s Reports
7.1.M. Ratification & Approval of Payrolls
7.2. Consider and Take Action on Setting the Date, Time, and Location for the 2021 Regular Board Meetings
Commentary:  Pursuant to 25 O.S. Section 311 (1), prior to December 15 of every year, every Board must give the county clerk to which the district is principally located a list of the time, date, and place of all regular meetings for the coming calendar year. "Regular" meetings are a Board's required monthly meeting. We would like to continue the meetings on the second Monday of each month with one exception. The July 2021 meeting will be held on the third Monday due to the 4th of July holiday. Meetings will continue to be at 6:00 p.m. Shelley Arrott will discuss this matter and answer questions.
7.3. Consider and Take Action to Accept Bid from Ross Transportation, Inc. for Alternative Fuel School Buses
Commentary:  Bids for three new school buses were received on October 15, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. Ross Transportation, Inc. submitted the low bid in the amount of $276,489.00 for one (1) 2022 Blue Bird 77-passenger propane-powered school bus at $96,749.00, two (2) 2022 Micro Bird 29-passenger propane-powered school buses at $89,870.00 each. VW Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust and the Alternative Fuel School Bus Grant Program is paying up to 50% of the cost. Bret Smith will answer questions.
7.4. Consider and Take Action on New and Revised Board Policies
Commentary:  Superintendent Arrott reviewed new and revised board policies as recommended by Rosenstein, Fist and Ringold based on federal and state statutes, case law, administrative regulations, and the COVID-19 pandemic. These policies were reviewed and discussed in October Board Committee meetings and at the October 12, 2020 board meeting. Select policies have undergone additional revisions after further review. We are now ready to bring these to the Board for approval. A list of policies affected has been provided. Shelley Arrott will answer questions. 
7.5. Consider and Take Action on New Board Policy Foster Care Plan
Commentary:  This new policy addresses the requirement for foster care provisions under Title I of ESSA which requires the State Department of Education (SDE) and Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) to collaborate with Child Welfare Agencies (CWAs) to ensure educational stability and minimize disruptions for children in foster care.

The educational stability includes assurances that (1) a child in foster care will remain in the child's school of origin, unless determination is made that it is not in the child's best interest to be in that school and (2) if a determination is made that it is not in the child's best interest to remain in the school of origin, the child will immediately enroll in the school of residence, even if the child is unable to produce records normally required for enrollment. The policy also addresses the enrollment of foster students, IDEA students, EL students, and transportation of students. Teri Vogele will answer questions.
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7.6. Motion and Vote to Convene in Executive Session for the Following Purposes: to Discuss the Possible Termination, Reassignment, Resignation, and Employment of Personnel on the Attached Detailed Personnel Report [Authority for Executive Session: 25 O.S. Section 307 (B) (1)]; to Discuss the Purchase or Appraisal of Real Property [Authority for Executive Session: 25 O.S. Section 307 (B) (3)]; to Discuss Negotiations [Authority for Executive Session: 25 O.S. Section 307 (B) (2); and to Discuss Confidential Conversations with the Board’s Attorney Concerning Pending Claims and Litigation [Authority for Executive Session: 25 O.S. Section 307 (B) (4)]
7.7. Return to Open Session.
7.8. Recital by Board President that Minutes of Executive Session Were Kept by the Board Minutes Clerk and Will Remain Confidential
7.9. Consider and Take Action on Memorandum of Understanding to the 2020-2021 Negotiated Agreement for Epidemic/Pandemic Leave
Commentary:  The Proposed new policy 6.5-13.0 addresses epidemic/pandemic leave for administrators; however, certified employee leave excluding administrators is addressed in the Negotiated Agreement. This Memorandum of Understanding is necessary to include the same provisions as policy 6.5-13.0 regarding entitlement pay and/or telework when the district or school site is closed due to an epidemic or subject to a closure order. Curtis Layton will answer questions.
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7.10. Consider and Take Action on Recommendations for Termination, Reassignment, Resignation, and Employment of Personnel
9. ADJOURNMENT (Motion required)
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