June 21, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Owasso Board of Education Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order and Roll Call
II. Pledge of Allegiance 
III. Reports to the Board
III.A. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Amy Fichtner
III.B. District Services  -  Mr. Kerwin Koerner
IV. Comments from the Public - Restricted to specific agenda item as listed for this meeting
V. Consent Agenda:  Board to consider and take possible action on the following consent agenda items. (Dr. Fichtner)
V.A. Minutes of May 10, 2021, Regular Meeting
V.B. Teaching and Learning
V.B.i. A New Leaf
V.B.ii. AHHA - Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa
V.B.iii. Behavior Specialists
V.B.iv. Brainpop
V.B.v. Cameron University
V.B.vi. CREOKS - RAM Academy Counseling Services
V.B.vii. CREOKS - RAM Academy Memorandum of Understanding
V.B.viii. CREOKS - Special Education Counseling Agreement
V.B.ix. CREOKS - Special Education Memorandum of Understanding
V.B.x. Edgenuity
V.B.xi. Function 1st Therapies
V.B.xii. Consultant for the Hearing Impaired
V.B.xiii. Impact Tulsa
V.B.xiv. Integrative Physical Therapy
V.B.xv. Junior Achievement Biztown Agreement 
V.B.xvi. NoredInk
V.B.xvii. Northeastern State University 
V.B.xviii. Occupational Therapy Services
V.B.xix. Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services
V.B.xx. Oklahoma State University 
V.B.xxi. Sebastion Lantos, LLC - Language Interpreting and Translating
V.B.xxii. Southwestern Oklahoma State University 
V.B.xxiii. Superior Vision Consulting
V.B.xxiv. The Tristesse Grief Center
V.B.xxv. Tulsa Community College
V.B.xxvi. Tulsa County Health Department - It's All About Kids
V.B.xxvii. Tulsa County Technology Center 
V.B.xxviii. Union Public Schools
V.B.xxix. University of Tulsa - Speech Language Pathology
V.B.xxx. University of Tulsa - Teacher Education Program
V.B.xxxi. Youth Services of Tulsa - Substance Abuse Prevention
V.C. District Services
V.C.i. American Waste
V.C.ii. Amplified IT - Gopher Pack
V.C.iii. Amplified IT - Little SIS Combo
V.C.iv. Cox
V.C.v. CPSI, Ltd.
V.C.vi. CRW Consulting E-rate Services, LLC
V.C.vii. Datastor
V.C.viii. Dell - Adobe License 
V.C.ix. Dell - Microsoft Licensing 
V.C.x. DocsVault
V.C.xi. Dynasign
V.C.xii. ECT Services, Inc.
V.C.xiii. Edlio
V.C.xiv. ImageNet
V.C.xv. Imperial Vending Service
V.C.xvi. Marcia Brenner Associates - PowerSchool Plugin
V.C.xvii. Oklahoma State School Boards Association Assemble
V.C.xviii. Sherpa
V.C.xix. SHI
V.C.xx. Sodexo
V.C.xxi. SolarWinds
V.C.xxii. Trafera
V.C.xxiii. Transfinder
V.C.xxiv. VIP Technology Solutions Group
V.D. Finance
V.D.i. Purchase orders (encumbrances) and changes to encumbrances for June 2021
V.D.ii. Purchase orders (encumbrances) July 2021
V.D.iii. Activity Financial Report for May 2021
V.D.iv. Activity Account Budgets
V.D.v. Concession Contracts
V.D.vi. Scoreboard Advertising Agreements
V.D.vii. Sanctioning Applications
V.D.viii. Municipal Accounting Systems
V.D.ix. Certificate and Order to County Clerk and County Treasurer
V.D.x. Oklahoma Schools Assurance Group 
V.E. Human Resources
V.E.i. Transitions
VI. District Services - Kerwin Koerner
VI.A. Board to consider and take possible action on Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator Proposal
VI.B. Board to consider and take possible action on United Systems Security Assessment Proposal
VII. Finance - Phillip Storm
VII.A. Board to consider and take possible action on the Treasures Report for May 2021
VII.B. Board to consider and take possible action on a motion approving Oklahoma Schools Insurance Group (OSIG) as the provider of the district's Property insurance and Casualty and General Liability insurance for Fiscal Year 22.
VII.C. Board to consider and take action on a motion approving the renewal of the sublease agreement dated March 1,2018 between the District and Tulsa County Industrial Authority for the Fiscal year ending June 30, 2022 as required under the provisions of the agreement
VIII. Executive Session
VIII.A. Vote to convene into executive session for the purpose of discussing (1) the Superintendent's annual evaluation and (2) the hiring of an Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning as authorized by the Okla.Stat.Tit.25§307(B)(1) of the Open Meeting Act.
VIII.B. Acknowledge Return to Open Session
VIII.C. Statement of Executive Session Minutes
IX. Board to consider and take possible action to hire an Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
X. New Business
XI. Vote to Adjourn
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