June 18, 2019 at 5:30 PM - Ardmore Board of Education Regular Meeting

Call the meeting to order, establish a quorum & state compliance with the Open Meeting Act.
Pledge of Allegiance [Led By: Board President]
Superintendent Update:
Consent Agenda
The following items, which concern reports and items of a routine nature normally approved at board meetings, will be approved by one vote unless a board member desires to have a separate vote on any or all of these items.  The Consent Agenda consists of the discussion, consideration and approval of the following items.
Minutes of the regular meeting of May 21, 2019.
Activity Fund Report - Month Ending April 2019.
Treasurer's Report - Month Ending May 2019.
Encumbrance Orders and Change Orders as listed for FY19.

Encumbrance Registers:
General Fund #11 Purchase Orders:  1390, 1391, 1393-1408, 1410-1420, 1422-1436, 1438
Building Fund #21 Purchase Orders:  141 & 142
Child Nutrition #22 Purchase Order: 64

Detail Encumbrance Listing for all new purchase orders, excluding payroll purchase orders, created 5/2/19 - 6/11/19 in the above-outlined funds.  Summary of change order listing as of 6/11/19 for changes to the original purchase order in the above-outlined funds.

Payroll Purchase Orders
General Fund #11:  50516 - 50520
Encumbrance Orders and Change Orders as listed for FY20.

Encumbrance Registers:
General Fund #11: 1-26, 28-30, 33-251, 253-259 & 260-365
Co-Op Fund #12:  1-6
Building Fund #21:  1-68
Child Nutrition Fund #22:  1-38
Gifts Fund #81:  1

Detail encumbrance listing for all new purchase orders effective 7/1/19 for the funds above.  
Annual Activity Account Review | Approval for the following Activity Fund Accounts for FY20.
801: Ch Evans Activity 814: Lincoln Activity 837: AHS Art Club
802: Ch Evans Library 815: Lincoln Library 841: AHS Band Boosters
804: Will Rogers Activity 817: Will Rogers PTO 845: Class of 2020
806:  Will Rogers Welfare 818: Jefferson Staff Activity 884: AMS Library
808: Lincoln Sunshine 819: Jefferson Christmas Acct 895: ACS Elem Music
811: Jefferson Activity 820: Jefferson Archery 911: CE Welfare
813: Jefferson PTO 825: AMS Athletics 953: AHS Running - Girls
Request for new activity fund account for a student club/organization:
  • AHS Boys Running
Fundraiser Requests - Food
#918:  Fastpitch Softball
#951: Lady Tiger Basketball
Fundraiser Requests - Non Food:
#825:  AMS Athletics
#841:  ACS Band Boosters
#918:  AHS Fastpitch Softball
#943: Football Camp
#951: Lady Tiger Basketball
Contract Approvals/Renewals
Athletic Department Contract Renewals for FY20:

Noble Stadium Scoreboard Advertisers - Year 3 of 5
Bramlett Agency
Burger King
Hunter Graphix
Citizens Bank and Trust
County Building Center
Mercy Hospital of Ardmore
Valero Ardmore Refinery

Noble Stadium Snap-Clock Advertiser [Year 3 of 5]
First National Bank and Trust Company, Ardmore

AHS Gymnasium - Scoreboard Advertisers [Year 2 of 3]
First National Bank and Trust Company - Ardmore
Hunter Graphix
Adoption|Revision to Board Policies and/or Administrative Procedures.
Certificate and Municipal Order to the County Clerk and Treasurer.
Designation of Superintendent Kim Holland as the authorized agent for application and receipt of federal funds for FY20.
Annual Resolution authorizing the school district Treasurer to issue non-payable checks and authorizing the purchase of the checks as investments from other district funds.
Appointment of Superintendent Kim Holland to serve as the authorized representative to handle insurance matters including, but not limited to, completing and signing of applications, uninsured motorist election/rejection forms, proof of loss on claims settlements, adding and deleting or changing coverage, and other matters relating to the District's insurance policies for FY20. 
Continue participation with the Oklahoma School Assurance Group for FY20 worker's compensation coverage.
Temporary Appropriations for FY20.
Student Handbooks for 2019-2020:
Ardmore High School
Ardmore Middle School
Supplemental Estimate and Financial Condition as of June 13, 2019 for General Fund
Supplemental Estimate and Financial Condition as of June 13, 2019 for Coop Fund
Receive information from local insurance agents and vote to approve the district's insurance carrier and local agent for the district's insurance coverage for FY20 for property, general liability, automobile, inland marine, electronic data processing, crime employee benefits liability and professional legal liability.
Consider and take action to approve entering into an OSSAA Cooperative Agreement with Oak Hall Episcopal School for the activity of fine arts.
Budget Information
New Business not known at the time the agenda was posted.
Consider and take action, if necessary, on the date, time and place of the next regular board meeting, scheduled for July 16, 2019.
Proposed executive session to discuss the following items, followed by a vote to convene into Executive Session.  
Board President to declare Executive Session complete followed by a motion and vote to acknowledge the Board's return to open session and the meeting being reopened to the public.
Board President to provide the Executive Session Minutes Compliance Announcement as to who was present in Executive Session, items discussed, note that no other business was discussed and that no action was taken while in Executive Session.
Consider and take action to approve the recommendation of administration with regard to open transfers for the 2019-2020 school year.
Consider and take action to approve the recommendations for certified employment for the 2019-2020 school year:
  • Biology Teacher, Ardmore High School
  • Chemistry Teacher, Ardmore High School
  • Vocal Music Teacher, Ardmore Middle School
  • Physical Education Teacher [half time], Ardmore Middle School
  • Language Arts Teacher, Ardmore Middle School
  • Assistant Principal, Charles Evans Elementary
  • Assistant Principal/Instructional Coach, Jefferson Elementary
  • Counselor, Jefferson Elementary
  • 5th Grade Teacher, Lincoln Elementary
  • Two 1st grade Teachers, Lincoln Elementary
  • Speech Language Pathologist Assistant, Will Rogers Elementary
  • Kindergarten Teacher, Will Rogers Elementary
  • Assistant Principal, Will Rogers Elementary
  • Principal, Take Two Academy
  • History Teacher, Take Two Academy
  • English Teacher, Take Two Academy
Consider and take action to approve the non-certified support employment for the following:
  • Secretary, Athletic Department, Ardmore High School [18-19 school year]
  • Paraprofessional, Charles Evans Elementary [19-20 school year]
  • Paraprofessional, Lincoln Elementary [19-20 school year]
  • Two Teacher Assistants, Will Rogers Elementary [19-20 school year]
Consider and take action to approve the retirement request of Kevin Benson, Assistant Principal/Teacher at Take Two Academy.
Consider and take action to renew the employment contracts of Elena Ionescu [Jefferson Elementary] a career certified staff member for the 2019-2020 school year, subject to a fully executed and mutually agreeable employment contract as to each employee. Subject to reassignment. This staff member has submitted her intent to return to Ardmore City Schools and has a valid teaching certificate on file in the Human Resources Office for FY20.
Consider and take action to renew the employment contracts of the following non-certified support staff for the 2019-2020 school year, subject to a fully executed and mutually agreeable employment contract as to each employee. Subject to reassignment. These staff members have submitted their intent to return to Ardmore City Schools for FY20.
  • Kimberly Kirkland, Athletic Department, Ardmore High School
  • Samantha Gaither, Lincoln Elementary
  • Brandon Mitchell, Will Rogers Elementary
  • Nicole Mitchell, Education Services Center
The following resignations have been received and approved by the Superintendent.
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