March 8, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Owasso Board of Education Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order and Roll Call
II. Reports to the Board
II.A. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Amy Fichtner
II.B. Teaching and Learning Report -  Dr. Margaret Coates
II.C. District Services  -  Mr. Kerwin Koerner
III. Comments from the Public 
III.A. Mr. Ron Causby
III.B. Ms. Dana Walsh
IV. Consent Agenda:  Board to consider and take possible action on the following consent agenda items. (Dr. Fichtner)
IV.A. Minutes of February 12, 2021 Special Meeting
IV.B. Teaching and Learning
IV.B.i. Out of State Student Activity Trips
IV.B.ii. Rogers State University Memorandum of Understanding 
IV.C. District Services
IV.C.i. Commercial Services Agreement with COX.
IV.C.ii. United Systems Lightspeed Renewal
IV.C.iii. PowerSchool EMS
IV.C.iv. PowerSchool Services
IV.D. Finance
IV.D.i. Purchase orders (encumbrances) and changes to encumbrances for February 2021
IV.D.ii. Activity Financial Report for February 2021
IV.D.iii. Contract for Barlow Education Management Services, LLC
IV.E. Human Resources
IV.E.i. Transitions
V. Communications
V.A. Board to consider an take possible action on proposed changes to Student Promotion and Retention and Student Pass/Fail of a Course Policy #5.22 (Dr. Coates)
VI. Teaching and Learning - Dr. Margaret Coates
VI.A. Comprehensive Exit Report 
VI.B. College Remediation Report 
VII. Finance - Phillip Storm
VII.A. Board to consider and take possible action on the Treasures Report for February 2021
VIII. Executive Session
VIII.A. Vote to convene into executive session for the purpose of discussing the employment of Owasso Public School's administrators listed on Attachment A for the 2021-2022 school year, as authorized by Okla.Stat.Tit. 25§307(B)(1).
VIII.B. Acknowledge Return to Open Session
VIII.C. Statement of Executive Session Minutes
VIII.D. Discussion and possible board action to rehire, modify or table the employment of Owasso Public School's administrators, as listed on Attachment A, for the 2021-2022 school year.
IX. New Business
X. Vote to Adjourn
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