June 10, 2019 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting Agenda

1. Call to Order and Recording of Members Present and Absent

2. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Minutes of May 13, 2019, Regular Session Meeting
3. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Encumbrance Orders:
3.a. General Fund:  P.O. #979-1022; P.O. #50518-50519
3.b. Building Fund:  P.O. #140-154
3.c. Bond Fund:  P.O. #63-68
3.d. Gifts Fund:  P.O. #160-164
3.e. Activity Fund:  P.O. #646-665
3.f. Athletic Fund:  P.O. #564-573
4. Treasurer’s Management of Funds and Investment Report
5. New Business
Discussion:  None
6. Superintendent’s Report
Discussion:  A completed copy of Mr. Anderson's report is attached these minutes.
6.a. School Finance, Budget, & Legislative Information
Discussion:  Mr. Anderson presented an update in the areas of budget and finance for this fiscal year and projections for the next fiscal year. He also presented information regarding the new laws that will require board action.
6.b. 2018 Bond Issue Update
Discussion:  Mr. Anderson gave an update on the demolition and renovations of the STEM/Science Labs.  He also presented information on the bid sheets provided by MacHill for the STEM lab projects for board approval in agenda item #7.
6.c. District News
Discussion:  Mr. Anderson reported to the board district news regarding grants and scholarships; revamping of Cougars Care Room; inaugural flight scholarships provided by ASAP Foundation; summer professional development for teachers across the district; etc.
7. Vote to Accept or Not to Accept the bids and quotes for the AHS Chemistry & Biology Classroom Renovations and AJH Science Lab Renovations as shown on the attached schedule.
8. Vote to Enter or Not to Enter into the 2019-2020 Title III, Part A - English Learners Cooperative Agreement with Shawnee Independent School District
9. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Membership in the Oklahoma School Assurance Group (OSAG)  for the 2019-2020 School Year
10. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Membership in the Oklahoma Schools Insurance Group (OSIG)  for the 2019-2020 school year
11. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve District Membership in the following Professional Organizations:
11.a. Oklahoma State Schools Board Associations (OSSBA)
11.b. Oklahoma Public Schools Resource Center (OPSRC)
11.c. Organization of Rural Oklahoma Schools (OROS)
11.d. Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration (CCOSA)
12. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve the Final 2018-2019 Student Activity Absences Report
13. Vote to Declare or Not to Declare as Surplus the Items Listed on attached schedule
14. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Activity Fund Recording Account as shown on attached schedule
15. Discussion of Strategic Plan
Discussion:  The board reviewed the progress report for the "Culture and Character" area of the Strategic Plan as provided and attached hereto.  
16. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Workshop Requests as shown on attached schedule
17. Vote to Accept or Not to Accept the Following Funds:
17.a. Local Funds:  Current Year Ad Valorem Tax Levy - $265,081.22
17.b. Local Funds:  County 4 Mill Ad Valorem Tax - $38,769.71
17.c. State Funds:  Gross Production Tax - $17,114.72
17.d. State Funds:  Motor Vehicle Collections - $90,626.14
17.e. State Funds:  Rural Electric Coop Tax - $1,244.85
17.f. State Funds:  Vehicle Tax Stamps - $400.39
17.g. State Funds:  Flex Benefits - $3,162.05
17.h. State Funds:  Alternative Ed - $15,561.67
17.i. State Funds:  Carl Perkins - $12,354.00
17.j. State Funds:  Carl Perkins Supplemental Grant - $1,087.06
17.k. State Funds:  School Improvement Grant - $800.00
17.l. District Contract:  Sprint - $600.00
18. Comments by Board Members
Discussion:  None
19. Vote to Convene or Not to Convene to Executive Session to conduct ongoing evaluation of the Superintendent; to discuss and take action on Superintendent's contract and salary for the 2019-2020 school year;  and for the discussion of hiring personnel as listed on the attached schedule, to accept the resignations of Lucy Cooley, Jenny Mosley, Lillie Bakken, Erin Cawthon, Amanda Harden, Sarah Morgan, and Dino Rosato; and to accept the retirement of Freda Turner 25 O.S. Section 307(B)(1)
20. Acknowledge Return to Open Session
Discussion:  Acknowledgement to return to open session was made by Mr. Russ Gurley at 8:30 pm
21. Statement of Executive Session Proceedings

Present:  Mr. Russ Gurley, President; Mr. Doug Haney, Vice-President; Mr. Kyle Stuart, Clerk; Dr. Todd Boone, Member; Ms. Keri C. Norris, Member;   Mr. Mike Anderson, Superintendent; and  Mrs. Kelly Howry, Minutes Clerk.

Clerk:  President, what issues were discussed in Executive Session?

President:  The items were the ongoing evaluation of the Superintendent, discussion and action on Superintendent's contract and salary for the 2019-2020 school year; the discussion of hiring the personnel as listed on attached schedule; acceptance of resignations of Lucy Cooley, Jenny Mosley, Lillie Bakken, Erin Cawthon, Amanda Harden, Sara Morgan and Dino Rosao and the acceptance of Freda Turner's retirement request.  25 O.S.Section 307(B)(1)

Clerk:  Were any votes taken in Executive Session?

President:  No.  

Clerk:  Were any other topics or issues discussed while in Executive Session?

President:  No.

22. Action Items:
22.a. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve the Contract for Superintendent for 2019-2020 School Year
22.b. Vote to Hire or Not to Hire Personnel as listed on attached schedule.
22.c. Vote to Accept or Not to Accept Resignations of Lucy Cooley, Jenny Mosley, Lillie Bakken, Erin Cawthon, Amanda Harden, Sarah Morgan and Dino Rosato. 25 O.S. SECTION 307(B)(1)
22.d. Vote to Accept or Not to Accept Retirement of Freda Turner  25 O.S. SECTION 307(B)(1)
23. Vote to Adjourn 
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