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October 10, 2017 at 6:00 PM - Oakdale Public School Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order / Roll Call / Establishment of a Quorum
2. Recognition of Guests
3. Minutes
3.1. Consideration, discussion, and action on the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of September 11, 2017
4. Financial
4.1. Consideration, discussion, and action concerning warrants, encumbrances, and purchase orders.
4.1.1. General Fund Child Nutrition
4.1.2. Building Fund
4.1.3. Activity Fund
4.1.4. Bond Fund 31
4.1.5. Bond Fund 32
4.1.6. Bond Fund 33
4.2. Consideration, discussion, and approval of Treasurer Reports / Financial Statements /Investment Review
4.2.1. Consideration, discussion and possible action concerning a resolution to issue non-payable warrants at an interest rate of 5% through FNB Community Bank.
4.2.2. Consideration, discussion, and action on an agreement with FNB Community Bank to purchase and buyback non-payable warrants up to $500,000 until December 15, 2017.
4.2.3. Discussion concerning the bonding capacity, trends, needs and other considerations of bond funding for the district. This item may be moved at another point on the agenda to allow for other agenda items.
5. Business
5.1. Public Comment
5.2. Independent Committee / Organization Reports
5.3. Consideration, action, and discussion concerning the formation of a student club called the Oakdale Political Club.
5.4. Consideration, discussion, and possible action concerning documentation of new faculty and staff for the Employee Benefit Audit by the SDE.
5.4.1. Rodney Lemmons
5.5. Consideration, discussion, and possible action concerning a resolution calling for an election to be submitted to the voters of the district to elect a school board member for post number 2 as required by and meeting all the requirements of the State of Oklahoma.
5.6. Administrative Reports
6. Adjournment

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