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April 12, 2012 at 6:30 PM - Sapulpa Public Schools Board of Education Independent School District Number 33 Creek County Special

Call the meeting to order.
Board members to receive input from community regarding superintendent search with possible discussion with no resulting vote to be taken.
Discussion:  Jeff Miles, Executive Director of OSSBA, was hired to help the Board with the Superintendent search. The Board wanted as much input from the community. The community was asked seven questions concerning the Superintendent position. Question 1: What do you consider to be strengths of this school district? 1. This district has potential. We have a fantastic staff. We have the potential to grow in a positive way. 2. Communication – We have terrific communication. I always know what is happening at the school. These people communicate better than any other district I lived in. 3. We have a huge potential to grow. We need to show what we have to offer. 4. Legacy Question 2: What strengths should the superintendent of this district possess? 1. Longevity - We have gone through a lot of superintendents 2. Strong Leader – Make tough decisions 3. Value input from all stakeholders 4. Have an open mind and willing to listen 5. Support every part of the school. Visibility…Concerts, Bands 6. Business Sense – How we can grow as a community. How can we sell Sapulpa? We have to have larger enrollment and we must be in our community. 7. Strong personal integrity. Moral conduct 8. Brings in new ideas. No baggage with him. Fresh ideas. Can determine our potential. 9. Great communication skills 10. More familiar with what it is like to be a teacher. In touch with the classroom. Question 3: Where would you want to place the major focus to improve student performance of this school district What is the major focus to improve student achievement? 1. Effective leaders at all areas. Leadership in all levels. 2. Focus on upcoming technology. Move forward with technology 3. Our kids are prepared for college. College or Career ready. 4. Not all kids are college bound. Focus on Career also. 5. Inspires learning. Pushing you to learn something new. 6. Value connection we have with our community. Strong community support and background 7. They need a vision and long range planning and be able to build a team Question 4: Is it important that your new superintendent have experience as a Superintendent? 1. No..No..No..No..No 2. It is not about a title 3. It is fine but not necessary 4. We need someone with new and fresh ideas 5. We need to look at their business and curriculum experience. Question 5: Should the new superintendent live in the district? 1. Yes…Yes…Yes…Yes 2. Their children need to go to our schools. 3. McCullough agrees with the Mom about their children attending our schools. 4. All leaders in our district should live in our district. It sends a message. 5. They must be seen at all events. 6. They need to be visible in the schools. All upper administration should be in the schools to understand the needs. Question 6: How do you suggest the new superintendent meet the challenge of new academic standards brought on by the Common Core? 1. We need a lot more communication coming out of Central Office regarding Common Core. It seems to be bottlenecked. 2. I am a parent and it is the first time I have heard the word Common Core. 3. Jeff explained Common Core to the audience. 4. I have a problem with a student being held accountable when they don’t have the basics. We don’t have the time to go back and teach the basics. They get to HS and we don’t have time to bring them up to speed. 5. A parent agrees and her child missed an entire area of math skills. Her teacher does not have time to go back because it is a push for the test. We need to someone who can address this issue. 6. Jeff – The superintendent will need to understand this issue and those needs. Question 7: Part A: What level of importance should be placed on parent involvement? 1. All areas are very important and not one area is more important. Part B: Background in school finance? 1. Very important. No money and we can’t accomplish our goals Part C: Building and Construction 1. We need to keep our community skills strong. They will help us build whatever we need. Audience member believes # 5 is important. Audience member believes #2 is important.
To Adjourn at 7:49 p.m. passed with a motion by Bryan Sherwood and a second by Steve McCormick.
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