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October 7, 2010 at 6:30 PM - Sapulpa Public Schools Board of Education Independent School District Number 33 Creek County Specia

Call the meeting to order and Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.
Information & Discussion Item
Site School Improvement Plans - Bartlett, Jefferson Heights, Liberty, Washington and Woodlawn
Discussion:  Kerry Gray, Debbie VanHorn, Marika Haefner, Kimberly Leonard, Sheila Stewart and Roger Johnson presented the Middle School Site Improvement Plan. The Middle School did not make AYP last year. Strategies for Improvement include site Improvement Plan, Renzulli Learning, PRIME and Power Plus classes and a new program called ACES, Advocates Caring for Exceptional Students. Their overall goal is that every student is served to fit their needs this year. With the new strategies in place they are optimistic that test scores will be higher next year. Rhonda Thompson, Carol Hunter, Kristy Marone, Megan Ramsey, Raydene Walker, Carl Fisher and Kate Helstrom presented the Bartlett School Site Improvement Plan. This site deals with students that are in difficult situations that are given a chance to graduate High School. Bartlett’s goals are to improve EOI test scores in each area tested, graduate students and increase efforts to recover drop-out students. Susan Gee, Julia Modglin, Kendall LeFlore and Susan Green presented the Liberty Elementary Site Improvement Plan. API test scores went up last year. Liberty’s test scores were in the top four in the area. They felt that Edusoft Benchmarks, remediating and teaching to mastery of skill all help contribute to the rising test scores. Programs and Professional Development for 2010-11 include PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support), PLC (Professional Learning Communities), Great Expectations, Title I Math Tutor, Renzulli Learning, Reading Plus, Academic Vocabulary, SMART Board Technology and Differentiated Instruction. Bobby Alfred, Dacia Walsh, Tara Fancher and Lu Ann Luker presented the Washington Elementary Site Improvement Plan. API math scores went up and reading scores went down slightly. Strategies to help improve scores will include Target Teach Program, PAL Packets, Differentiated Instruction, Title I Tutoring, Indian Education Program, Saturday School, Hands on Equations and Edusoft Program with assessments.
To Adjourn at 9:17 p.m. passed with a motion by Wally Johnson and a second by Jeff Gilbert.
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