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October 5, 2010 at 6:30 PM - Sapulpa Public Schools Board of Education Independent School District Number 33 Creek County Special

Call the meeting to order and Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.
Information & Discussion Item
Site School Improvement Plans - High School, Junior High, Middle School and Freedom
Discussion:  Ashley Hearn, Kaylee Brown, Michelle Million and Amy Toombs presented Woodlawn Elementary Site Improvement Plan. The overall test scores went up from last year. Their goal is to focus on individual students to move them towards higher test scores. Nancy Turlington, Sandra Sams, Krista Childress and Michelle Dobbs presented Freedom Elementary Site Improvement Plan. Freedom is the only A+ School, Great Expectation Model School and the largest elementary with 472 students throughout Creek county. They broke down individual scores and analyzed where they need to improve. Their goal is to “Focus on Results Daily”. Dr. Jenyfer Glisson, Loretta Hight, Jonathan Hughes, Michael Janosek and Terri Wickliffe presented High School Site Improvement Plan. The overall test scores went up from last year. The High School did not make AYP last year due to low Algebra I test scores for thirteen students who counted on the High School scores. There are challenges and the teachers are collaborating solutions. The teachers are pleased to have the semester schedule and believe this will help in some areas of concern. Their focus will be on Algebra I test scores, facilitate vertical PLC, improve ACT average and improve on graduation rate. Johnny Bilby, Sondra Simpson and Evelyn Henry presented Junior High Site Improvement Plan. This is the second year the Junior High did not make AYP. Their Reading test scores were inadequate in the All, Economically Disadvantage and White categories. They have implemented reading 15 minutes a day in forth hour and will implement next week math problems during first hour. Teachers are working hard together to get scores up and help students grasp concepts and maintain the information. Dr. Richard Rosenberger hired a Math Specialist that will help with benchmark data, introduce new strategies and work with small groups of students that are having difficulty with a concept. Mr. Bilby would like to see more Specialists used throughout the school.
To Adjourn at 9:48 p.m. passed with a motion by Wally Johnson and a second by Shirley Woods.
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