July 12, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Special Meeting

I. Call to order and roll call
II. Possible action to adjourn meeting to the high school library. 
III. Consent Agenda (The board will vote to accept, reject or modify the items in one motion. If a member wishes, items may be considered on an individual basis.)
III.A. Minutes of the June 14, 2021, special meeting 
III.B. Minutes of the July 8, 2021, special meeting 
III.C. Approval of encumbrances, claims, transfers and change orders in the general fund, building fund, child nutrition fund and activity funds, including the following:
III.C.1. 2020-2021 general fund purchase orders #467-499, totaling $188,470.97
III.C.2. 2020-2021 general fund change orders as of 6-30-2021, totaling ($165,119.77)
III.C.3. 2020-2021 general fund payroll change orders as of 6-30-2021, totaling $15,337.82
III.C.4. 2020-2021 building fund purchase orders #36-39, totaling $45,367.73
III.C.5. 2020-2021 building fund change orders as of 6-30-2021, totaling ($14,282.06)
III.C.6. 2020-2021 child nutrition fund change orders as of 6-30-2021, totaling ($35,937.50)
III.C.7. 2020-2021 child nutrition fund payroll change orders as of 6-30-2021, totaling $3,969.95
III.C.8. 2021-2022 general fund purchase orders #1-144, totaling $748,810.26
III.C.9. 2021-2022 building fund purchase orders #1-10, totaling $263,260.96
III.C.10. 2021-2022 child nutrition fund purchase orders #1-18, totaling $195,194.70
III.C.11. 2021-2022 building bond fund (38), purchase order #1, totaling $1,370,850.00
III.D. Activity fund report
III.D.1. Activity fund transfer 
III.E. Child nutrition fund report
III.F. Treasurer's report
IV. Reports/Announcements/Meetings
IV.A. Superintendent's Report
  1. Professional Development
  2. Summer Maintenance
  3. Lot clean up
  4. Stipends
  5. Miscellaneous (transportation report and utilities summary)
IV.B. Principals' Reports
IV.B.1. Elementary
IV.B.2. Middle School
IV.B.3. High School
V. Items to be considered by the Lindsay Board of Education
V.A. Employment
V.A.1. Teacher's aide
VI. Vote to accept, reject, or modify recommendation on those authorized to countersign activity fund checks, including the superintendent, high school principal, athletic director, middle school principal, elementary principal, assistant elementary principal, encumbrance clerk, and deputy school treasurer. 
VII. Discussion and possible board action on recommendations on handbook changes for 2021-2022 school year. 
VIII. Vote to approve, reject, or modify recommendation on approval of all activity fund accounts for 2021-2022 fiscal year, including all general fund-raising and expenditure guidelines as explained in the board policy manual, and any new request as presented. 
IX. Discussion and possible action to declare the following items surplus and authorize the superintendent to dispose of items in a manner that is in the best interest of the school district: 10 outdated cafeteria tables, 25 dilapidated desk, room dividers, and small metal shed. 
X. Vote to approve, reject, or modify recommendation on the following authorized representatives for the Lindsay Public Schools for the 2021-2022 school year. 
  1. School depository-American Exchange Bank
  2. Encumbrance Clerk- Serina Zurline
  3. Minutes Clerk-Dana Hines
  4. Deputy minutes clerk-Kristin Holland
  5. School treasurer-Theresa Bevers
  6. Deputy school treasurer-Dana Hines
  7. Transportation Director-Jon Jacques
  8. Activity fund custodian- Kiristin Holland
  9. Civil rights officer-Dan Chapman
  10. Maintenance director-Danny Moore
  11. Drug education coordinator-Melanie Lawrence
  12. Asbestos coordinator-Tommy Ferguson
  13. Safety coordinator-Rick Smith
  14. Textbook coordinator-Chuck Karpe HS, Tommy Ferguson MS, Titus Burrell-Elem
  15. Federal Programs Director- Twana Shoemake
  16. Section 504 coordinator-Heather Howell
  17. Title IX compliance officer-Chuck Karpe
XI. Adjourn
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