November 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

I. Call to order and roll call
II. Consent Agenda (The board will vote to accept, reject or modify the items in one motion. If a member wishes, items may be considered on an individual basis.)
II.A. Minutes of the October 14, 2019 regular meeting
II.B. Approval of encumbrances, claims, transfers and change orders in the general fund, building fund, building bond fund 31, building bond fund 37, child nutrition fund and activity funds, including the following:
II.B.1. 2019-2020 general fund purchase orders #278-294, totaling $6,846.06
II.B.2. 2019-2020 general fund change orders as of 11-6-19 (#31-248), totaling ($4,080.80)
II.B.3. 2019-2020 general fund payroll change orders as of 10-17-19 and 11-11-19, totaling $17,851.83
II.B.4. 2019-2020 building fund purchase orders #24-26, totaling $2,909.60
II.B.5. 2019-2020 Building Bond Fund (31) purchase orders #27-28, totaling $12,795.00
II.B.6. 2019-2020 Building Bond Fund (31) change order listing as of 11-6-19 (#19-25), totaling ($10.00)
II.B.7. 2019-2020 building bond fund (37) purchase order #1, totaling $337.90
II.B.8. Child nutrition fund report
II.B.9. 2019-2020 child nutrition fund purchase orders #33-34, totaling $2,673.00
II.B.10. 2019-2020 child nutrition fund payroll change orders as of 11-11-19, totaling $353.17
II.C. Activity fund report
II.D. Treasurer's report
III. Reports/Announcements/Meetings
III.A. Superintendent's Report
III.B. Principals' Reports
III.B.1. Elementary
III.B.2. Middle School
III.B.3. High School
IV. Items to be considered by the Lindsay Board of Education
IV.A. Vote to approve, reject or modify fundraising requests.
IV.B. Discussion and possible action on recommendation on compensation adjustment for support and certified staff in the form of a one-time stipend
IV.C. Discussion and possible action on recommendation on board meeting dates for the 2020 calendar year
IV.D. Discussion and possible action to rescind previously approved 2020 Annual School Election Resolution and approve revised 2020 Annual School Election Resolution (corrected to include two board positions on ballot)
IV.E. Discussion and possible action on personnel items as follows:
IV.E.1. Take action on any resignations/retirements received to date
IV.E.2. Employment
IV.E.2.1. Elementary classroom aide
IV.E.2.2. Cafeteria worker
IV.E.2.3. Bus driver (morning route)
V. New business
VI. Adjourn
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