November 10, 2015 at 6:00 PM - TEMPLATE Board of Education Regular Meeting

Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Statement of Open Meeting Law
Roll Call
Public Participation
Review and Possible Board Action on the 2014-2015 Audit by Sanders, Bledsoe and Hewett
Discussion and Possible Board Action on the Following Encumbrances and Special Payroll:
Special Payroll
General Fund: G292-G324
Building Fund: B8-B12
Activity Fund: A255-A358
Athletic Activity Fund: 222-294
Child Nutrition: C42-C43
Discussion and Possible Board Action, 2016 Grad Night Proposal
Discussion and Possible Board Action, Proposal for High School Band Trip to Orlando and Proposal for Middle School Band Trip to Branson
Vote to Enter Into or Not to Enter Into Executive Session to Discuss Purchase of Real Property: As Authorized by Oklahoma Statutes Title 25 Section 307(b)(3) and SLO Section 528.
Vote to Reconvene into Regular Session
Statement of Executive Session Compliance Announcement
Discussion and Possible Board Action to Purchase Real Property.
General Consent Agenda- Discussion and Possible Board Action to Approve Items 15. A - 15. J (these items may be approved by one Board motion, unless any board member desires to have a separate vote on any or all of these items.)
Minutes of the Wagoner Public Schools Board of Education Regular Meeting of October 13, 2015.
Hire Part Time Speech Pathologist, on a Temporary Contract for the Remainder of the First Semester.
Hire Support Staff for the Following Positions: Cook, Library Assistant (MS)
EDIT Proposal & Contract
Wagoner Public Schools Board of Education Policy, EFDD - Overnight Trips
Approve Statement of Intent and Purpose for Fundraisers: Child Nutrition and Special Olympics
Resignations as Listed, Any Resignations Tendered Since the Posting of the Agenda, and to Approve Any Other Supporting Documentation: Rocky Spriggs
Schedule of Regular Board of Education Meetings for the 2016 Calendar Year.
Annual College Remediation Report and Student Fourth Quarter Drop Report for the 2014-2015 School Year
Resolution to the County Election Board to Call for an Election on February 9, 2016, and a Second Election, if Needed, on April 5, 2016. Included in this Resolution is a Request that the Wagoner County Election Board Close Precincts 730109, 730202, 730205 and 730210, Due to the Fact that there are No Registered Voters Residing in the Boundaries of these Precincts.
New Business
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