October 13, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Bridge Creek School Board of Education Special Meeting

1.A. Call meeting to order and roll call.
1.B. Consider and Vote on the approval of the minutes for the September 10th, 2020 meeting.
4.A. CSI Report
4.B. District Finance Report
4.C. Bond Update
4.D. Remediation and Drop Out Rates
All of the following items, which concern reports and items of a routine nature normally approved at board meetings, will be approved by one vote unless any board member desires to have a separate vote on any or all of these items.
5.A. Financial Action Reports
5.A.1. Vote to approve General Fund Encumbrances and Change Orders.
5.A.2. Vote to approve Building Fund Encumbrances and Change Orders.
5.A.3. Vote to approve Child Nutrition Fund Encumbrances and Change Orders.
5.A.4. Vote to approve Alt Ed. Coop Fund Encumbrances and Change Orders.
5.A.5. Vote to approve 2014 Building Bond Fund Encumbrances and Change Orders.
5.A.6. Vote to approve 2017 Building Bond fund Encumbrances and Change Orders.
5.A.7. Vote to approve Activity Fund Encumbrances and Change Orders.
5.A.8. Vote to approve the Budget Analysis for All Funds.
5.A.9. Vote to approve the Revenue Analysis for the General Fund.
5.A.10. Vote to approve the Revenue Expenditure Summary for All Activity Funds.
5.B. Vote to approve the following fundraisers:
  1. Class of 2024 - Online Clothing Sales
  2. 3rd Grade - popcorn
  3. HS Library - Cornhole Set Raffle
  4. HS Library - Valentine Boxes and Gifts
  5. MS Library - Book Fair and Snack Sales
  6. MS Library - Valentine Boxes and Gifts
  7. Elem PE - Hat Day
  8. Girls Basketball - Free Throw -a- thon
  9. Girls Basketball - Email fundraiser
5.C. Vote to approve the following fund transfers:
  1. 804 4th Grade to 853 Elem. Music for 142.50
  2. 804 4th Grade to 856 Elem STEAM for 142.50
  3. 805 5th Grade to 853 Music for 255.00
  4. 805 5th Grade to BCIS STEAM for 255.00
  5. 811 Elem YB to 805 5th Grade for 750.00
5.D. Vote to Approve the following sub-accounts:
  1. 803 Third Grade
  2. 811 Elem. Yearbook
  3. 814 HS Science Club
  4. 819 Wrestling
  5. 821 Soccer
  6. 824 HS Robotics
  7. 829 HS Stuco
  8. 833 Football
  9. 837 FCCLA
  10. 848 MS Library
  11. 849 HS Library
  12. 854 Spring Fling
  13. 872 Class of 2021
  14. 876 Track
  15. 881 Food Baskets
  16. 886 HS Academic team
  17. 888 Miscellaneous
5.E. Vote to approve the sanctioning of the following booster clubs:
  1. Bridge Creek High School & Bridge Creek Middle School Choir Booster Club
  2. Bridge Creek Cross Country and Track & Field Booster Club Association
  3. Bridge Creek Band Booster Club
  4. Bobcat Basketball Booster Club
  5. Bridge Creek High School Class of 2024 Parent Booster Club
5.F. Vote to approve the Resolution for Election for Board Seat #1.
5.G. Vote to approve the hiring of:
  1. Edmond Mullins, support staff
  2. Theresa Sanders, support staff
5.H. Vote to approve the resignation of:
      1.  Anita Campbell, support staff
      2.  Elecia Allen, support staff
5.I. Vote to approve Cheer to travel to Nationals in January. (if allowable)
6.A. Consider and Possible Action on the Bridge Creek Back to School Plan.
  1. Current Positive Cases and Quarantines
  2. Current Color as Determined by OSDE.
  3. Usage of Indoor Facilities.
6.B. Consider and possible action on a BC Official Logo.
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