February 8, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting Agenda

1. Call to Order and Recording of Members Present and Absent
2. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Minutes of January 11, 2021 Regular Meeting
3. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Redland Childers Architects, PC as architects for upcoming bond projects
4. Discussion of Strategic Plan
5. Willard Grade Center's Principal’s Report
6. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Encumbrance Orders:
     a.  General Fund:  P.O. #424-526; 50430-50444
     b.  Building Fund:  P.O. #131-143
     c.  Child Nutrition Fund:  P.O. #11
     d.  Bond Fund 2018:  P.O. #13
     e.  Bond Fund 2021: P.O. #1
     f.  Gifts Fund:  P.O. #24-25
     g  Activity Fund:  P.O. #220-243
     h. Athletic Fund:  P.O. #299-346
7. Treasurer’s Management of Funds and Investment Report
8. New Business
9. Superintendent’s Report
     a.  Budget & Finance
     b.  Legislative Update
     c.  Bond Project Update
     d.  District News
10. Discussion and Possible Action on 2021-2022 District Academic Calendar
11. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve the submission of the TLE Application Waiver
12. Vote to Adopt or Not to Adopt OSSBA Policies:
     a.  BKBB - School Social Media Accounts
     b.  BKBC - School District Approved Social Media Accounts
     c.  BE-R - Board of Education Meetings - Videoconference Regulations
d.  DBDC - Staff Nepotism
     e.  GKA - Releasing Students to Police
  f.  GKA-E - Form for Signature of Arresting Officer
13. Vote to Revise or Not to Revise Ada City Schools Polices:
     a.  BBH - Development Opportunities - Board Members
     b.  BFA - Board Policies
     c.  BJ - Board of Education  Executive Officer - Superintendent
     d.  DOCA - Reduction-in-Force Certified Personnel
14. Vote to Rescind or Not to Rescind Ada City Schools Policy:
     a.  BE-R2 - Board of Education Meetings Teleconferencing or Videoconference Regulations
15. Vote to Declare or Not to Declare Items listed on attachment as Surplus
16. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Activity Fund Fundraiser as Shown on Attachment
17. Board Member Training Points Update
18. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Workshop Expenditures as Listed on Attachment
19. Comments by Board Members
20. Vote to Accept or Not to Accept the Following Funds:
     a.  State of OK - Special Ed Staff Development - $150.00  
     b.  Federal Funds - Impact Aid Regular Ed - $63,049.00
     c.  Federal Funds - Impact Aid Special Ed - $5,698.00
21. Vote to Convene or Not to Convene to Executive Session for the discussion and possible action of hiring Superintendent, discussion and possible action on Superintendent's 2021-2022 contract; discussion and possible action on the employment of District Treasurer, and possible employment of two (2) part-time bus drivers and one (1) computer aide, and to accept the resignations of Skyler Riddle and Amanda Riley and the retirement of Loretta Feiler 25 O.S. SECTION 307(B)(1)
22. Acknowledge Return to Open Session
23. Statement of Executive Session Proceedings
24. Action Items:
24.a.  Vote to Hire or Not to Hire District Superintendent   25 O.S. SECTION 307(B)(1)
24.b. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve District Superintendent Contract and Contract Amount 25 O.S. SECTION 307(B)(1)
24.c. Vote to Hire or Not to Hire District Treasurer   25 O.S. SECTION 307(B)(1)
24.d. Vote to Hire or Not to Hire Personnel listed on attachment  25 O.S. SECTION 307(B)(1)
24.e. Vote to Accept or Not to Accept Resignations of Skyler Riddle and Amanda Riley  25 O.S. SECTION 307(B)(1)
24.f. Vote to Accept or Not to Accept Retirement of Loretta Feiler 25 O.S. Section 307(B)(1)
25. Vote to Adjourn 
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