June 8, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting Agenda

1. Call to Order and Recording of Members Present and Absent
2. Annual Reorganization of the Board of Education
3. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Minutes of May 11, 2020 Special Virtual and Physical Board Meeting
4. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Encumbrance Orders:
a.  General Fund:  P.O. #887-929; P.O. #50495
b.  Building Fund:  P.O. #178-191
c.  Gifts Fund:  P.O. #131-132
d.  Activity Fund:  P.O. #692-700
e.  Athletic Fund:  P.O. #541-548
f.   General Fund:  P.O. #1-27
g.  Bond Fund:  P.O. #1-3
5. Treasurer’s Management of Funds and Investment Report
6. New Business
7. Superintendent’s Report
a.  School Finance & Budget
b.  Graduation
c.  District News
8. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Stipend for Child Nutrition Employees who worked during COVID-19
9. Vote to Enter or Not to Enter into the 2020-2021 Title III, Part A - English Learners Cooperative Agreement with Shawnee Independent School District
10. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Membership in the Oklahoma School Assurance Group (OSAG) for the 2020-2021 School Year
11. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve District Membership in the following Professional Organizations:
a.  Oklahoma State School Boards Associations (OSSBA)
b.  Oklahoma Public Schools Resource Center (OPSRC)
c.  Organization of Rural Oklahoma Schools (OROS)
d.  Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration (CCOSA)
12. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve the increase of $0.10 per paid lunch
13. Discussion of Strategic Plan
14. Vote to Approve or Not to Approve Workshop Expenditures as listed on attachment
15. Vote to Accept or Not to Accept the Following Funds:
a.  Local Contract - Sprint Lease - $600.00
b.  State Contract - Oklahoma Aeronautics Grant - $17,205.84
c.  State Contract - Alternative Education - $17,014.00
d.  State Contract - Title II, Part A - $1,486.47
e.  State Contract - Special Ed:  Engage/Develop Monitoring Mini-Grant - $439.98
16. Comments by Board Members
17. Vote to Convene or Not to Convene to Executive Session for the ongoing evaluation of the Superintendent, and for the discussion of the hiring of personnel as listed on the attached schedule; to accept the resignations of Angie Havens, Ginger Wall; and to accept the retirement of Paula Kedy 25 O.S. Section 307(B)(1)
18. Acknowledge Return to Open Session
19. Statement of Executive Session Proceedings
20. Action Items:
20.a. Vote to Hire or Not to Hire Personnel Listed on "Personnel" Attachment 25 O.S. Section 307(B)(1)
20.b. Vote to Accept or Not to Accept Resignations of Angie Havens, Ginger Wall and Paula Kedy 25 O.S.Section 307(B)(1)
21. Vote to Adjourn 
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