March 13, 2018 at 7:00 PM - Board Of Education Agenda- Regular Meeting

Roll call and call to order.
Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance.
Open meeting law statement as set forth in open meeting act title 25 OSA State Statute 301-314 and Oklahoma HB 2409 sections 301-307.
Recognitions -
Discussion/Approval Items
Consent agenda: All of the following items, which concern reports and items of a routine nature normally approved, will be approved by one vote, unless any board member desires to have a separate vote on any or all of these items the consent agenda consists of the discussion, consideration, and approval of the following items:
Approve minutes of the previous meetings.
Approve financial statements.
Approve transfers within activity account.
Approve purchase orders and warrants for the following funds: general, building, sinking, and any change order list.
Vote to approve the activity accounts.
Approve resignations.
Discussion and possible vote to approve the hiring of a driver's education teacher for 2017-2018 at the set salary of $135.00 per student.
Discussion and vote to approve the driver's education fee at $150.00 for Sterling Public School students and $200.00 for out of District students.
Discussion and possible vote to approve open transfers for 2018-2019.
Discussion and possible vote to approve the contract with Municipal Accounting Systems in the amount of $5685.00 for the business manager accounting software agreement, and $4716.00 for the student accounting software agreement for the 2018-2019 school year.
Discussion and possible vote to employ a pool manager for 2018 at an hourly rate of $10.00.
Discussion and possible vote to approve declaring the 2004 Suburban as surplus.
Discussion and possible vote to approve policy CLBCB concerning trained school personnel carrying handguns on Sterling Public School property.
Proposed executive session to approve, pursuant to 21 O.S. Section 1280.1 and 70 O.S. Section 5-149.2, the sending of designated school personnel who have been issued a handgun license pursuant to the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act to attend an armed security guard training program as provided in 59 O.S. Section 1750.5 or a reserve police officer training program as provided in 70 O.S. Section 3311. Upon successful completion and certification or licensure as listed in the referenced statutes the employees will be allowed to carry a handgun on school premises. The identities of such personnel shall be maintained as confidential pursuant to 51 O.S. Section 24A.7. This executive session is authorized by 25 O.S. Section 307(B)(7) and 51 O.S. Section 24A.28.
Possible vote to convene into executive session.
Acknowledge the return of the Board to open session and read the executive session compliance statement.
Vote to approve sending ____ (number) employees to armed security guard training/reserve police officer training and upon successful completion of required training to allow said employees to be allowed to carry a handgun on school premises in compliance with 21 O.S. Section 1280.1 and 70 O.S. Section 5-149.2. The identities of these employees will be maintained as confidential as per 51 O.S. Section 24A.28. The board hereby authorizes the administration to list the names of those employees approved in this item by the board and place said list in a confidential sealed envelope that will not be a public record.
Administrative reports.
Principal Reports
Superintendent report. Teacher Walkout, LED Progress
New business.
Vote to adjourn
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