December 14, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Bethel Public Schools Regular Meeting

Call to Order
Roll Call
Approval of the November 9, 2020 regular board minutes.
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Approval of the November 19, 2020 special meeting minutes.
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Discussion and approval of the following consent agenda items.
General fund # 233-#241, $2,853.34  PAYROLL #70236-70249, $6519.12
Building Fund  #21 $950.00
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Any and all change orders
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November FY 21 Activity Fund Report
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Activity Fund Transfers
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November FY 21 Child Nutrition Report
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Treasurers Report
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Proposed Fundraising Activities
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Citizen's Comments: Richelle Treece
Consideration and action to use county sales tax monies to purchase janitorial supplies for the remainder of FY 21.
Consideration and action to approve the use of county sales tax monies to purchase a new replacement heater for the old gym in the amount of $3889.00.  
Consideration and action to approve regular board meeting dates for 2021.
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Consideration and action to designate an individual to serve as acting vice president of the Bethel Board of Education until the 2021 election.
Consideration and action regarding the resignation of support employees: Kellie Gambill/HR& Treasurer, Linda Bowles/Bus Driver
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Consideration and action on the employment of a support employee to fill the Human Resources/Treasurer position.
Consideration and action to remove Kellie Gambill from First United Bank accounts  and add newly appointed treasurer , Kathleen Mathis as an authorized signer.
Superintendent's report:
A. Facilities
B. Staff
C. Community
D. Students
New business:
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