April 2, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Pioneer Technology Center Board of Education Special Meeting

1. Call meeting to order
2. Flag salute and Moment of Silence
3. Roll call and establish a quorum
4. Motion and vote to approve or not approve minutes of March 10, 2020 Regular Board of Education Meeting
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Discussion and vote to approve or not approve Resolution to Grant Emergency Powers to the Superintendent to address COVID-19 current and emerging issues  related to the Global Pandemic
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Discussion and vote to grant or not grant the Superintendent authority to consider in administrative decisions the Board’s intent that all contracted regularly employed personnel of PTC, including  certified and non-certified teachers, administrators and support employees, shall be entitled to pay at their full contract rate for any work time lost due to school closure, limited work assignments, or other reasons related to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  This shall apply in circumstances involving an epidemic, a pandemic, or when an order for such closing has been issued by the Governor, State Board of Education, local board of education, or health officer authorized by law to issue such an order.  This shall only be applicable to an employee’s primary job assignment and shall not apply to extra duty compensation which shall be addressed by the Superintendent on a case-by-case basis.  District employees who are able to perform essential work during a school closure or  school building closure, shall perform any work assigned by the Superintendent or designee, unless the employee takes other leave available under district policy or law.  Nothing in this directive shall extend or otherwise increase the total contractual pay due to any employee for the relevant school year except as authorized by the Board or Superintendent upon receipt of additional targeted funds from the state.  Further, nothing in this directive shall be inconsistent with any existing or future state or federal law
Discussion and vote  to approve or not approve Superintendent’s recommendation for the suspension of staff evaluation procedures for the remainder of the school year due to the material interruption in customary evaluation processes by the Coronavirus Pandemic.  The exception is that school leaders should, to the extent feasible, continue to monitor and fulfill all reasonable requirements connected with any plan for improvement issued to an employee that has not, at the time of this recommendation, been satisfactorily completed by PTC’s employee.
8. Discussion and vote to approve or not approve the addition or revision of the following policies:  BE-E - Board of Education Meetings Tele or Videoconference Regulations Sample Notice and Agenda , BED-R - Board of Education Meetings, Public Participation, Regulation and BE-R2 -  Board of Education Meetings Tele or Videoconference Regulations
9. Discussion of other COVID-19 issues affecting Pioneer Technology Center programs, personnel, instruction and training that have developed since the posting of the agenda.
10. Motion and vote to adjourn and roll call
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