May 14, 2018 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Flag Salute and Moment of Silence
4. Public Discussion
5. Instruction/General Areas/Special Superintendent Items
5.1. The Board commends by unanimous consent:
5.2. Vote to adopt or not to adopt a resolution to seek an audit by the State Auditor and Inspector, to determine the accuracy of the calculations for the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s Foundation Aid and Salary Incentive Aid for Western Heights Public Schools for the time periods from FY1992 through FY 2014, and to determine any overpayments or underpayments.
5.3. Vote to approve or not to approve waiver of two Social Studies credits for a high school student.
5.4. Vote to approve or not to approve awarding an Honorary diploma to Jose Andrews parents at graduation.
5.5. Vote to approve or not to approve an agreement with OSSBA for the school year 2018-2019 to provide unemployment services program.
5.6. Receive bids to renovate the High School, Greenvale and Winds West schools and a recommendation from the BWA architectural firm regarding the determination of the best qualified bid; and pending final review of the Oklahoma City Planning Commission of project specifications, authorize or not authorize the Superintendent to execute a contract to renovate the aforementioned facilities.
5.7. Receive bids; take possible action to award a contract for construction of the new maintenance building and new Heritage Center.
5.8. To approve an agreement with Jostens for Caps and Gowns, Class Rings, Announcements and keepsakes, and Diplomas for school year 2018-2019
5.9. Vote to approve or not to approve an additional class at the Middle School, Intro to A Capella.
5.10. Capital improvement update from Pete Parker.
6. Consent Agenda
6.1. Approval of Minutes of the April 12, 2018 School Board Meeting
6.2. Treasurer's report
6.3. Vote to approve the following fundraisers:
6.4. Vote to approve Use of Facilities and Equipment requests, which are subject to changes due to administrative scheduling.
7. School Finance and Business
7.1. Vote to approve or not to approve the following encumbrances for the previous month
7.2. Vote to approve or not to approve out of state trips.
7.3. Receive a report on bond expenditures from Bancfirst
7.4. Vote to approve or not to approve the payroll dates for SY 2018-2019.
7.5. Vote to approve or not to approve payment for Project Lead the Way for SY 2017-2018 in the amount of $750.
8. Executive Session
8.1. Vote to convene or not convene in executive session for the purpose of:
8.2. If executive session is authorized by a majority of a quorum of the board members present, convene in executive session to:
8.3. Acknowledge the end of executive session and return to open meeting.
8.4. Vote to approve certified resignations
8.5. Vote to approve support resignations
8.6. Vote to approve the employment of support staff for (2017-2018 school year).
8.7. Vote to approve requests for leave of absence.
8.8. Vote to approve hiring of Volunteers and Substitute teachers (2017-2018 school year).
8.9. Vote to approve the re-hire of support personnel for 2018-2019.
8.10. Vote to approve the re-hire of non-tenured certified personnel for 2018-2019.
8.11. Vote to approve employment of certified personal for the 2018-2019 school year.
8.12. Vote to approve transfers of certified personnel.
9. Information and Possible Voting Items.
10. New Business: Superintendent
11. New Business: Board Members
12. Adjournment
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