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May 3, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. Invocation and Flag Salute
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Suzanne Cannon
2. Call to Order and Roll Call
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Suzanne Cannon
3. Reorganization of the Board and Oath of Office
3.A. Vote to elect Board President
3.B. Vote to elect Board Vice-President
3.C. Vote to elect Board Clerk
3.D. Vote to elect Board Deputy Clerk
3.E. Vote to elect Board Member
3.F. Oaths of Office and Roll Call reflecting the new composition of the Yukon Public Schools' Board of Education
Attachments: (1)
4. Reports/ Comments from Superintendent and/or Staff
  • Thought Exchange
  • Yanda Scholarship - Robert Whetzel YPEA
  • Rookie, Support, and District Teacher of the Year
Speaker(s):  Dr. Jason Simeroth
4.A. Beginning of a 30-day public comment and review of the updated policy DEC - Personnel Leave Program, and the District Return To Learn Plan, with the intent of a second reading and board action during the June 7, 2021, regular board meeting.  The full policy can be found by clicking on the links:
5. Board Member Communications and Announcements
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Suzanne Cannon
5.A. Individual Board Member Comments
5.B. Upcoming Meetings/ Events:
  • 5/4     Legislative breakfast 7am Archery Traditions of Oklahoma, 328 Elm Ave
  • 5/20    Last day of school
  • 5/21   Commencement  (YHS Stadium)
  • 5/31   Memorial Day Holiday - Offices CLOSED
  • 6/7     School Board Meeting  6pm YPS Administration Building
  • 6/8     Legislative breakfast 7am Archery Traditions of Oklahoma, 328 Elm Ave
  • 6/8-6/10   CCOSA/OSSBA Summer Conference
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Suzanne Cannon
6. Communications - Request for patrons to address the board - Pursuant to Board Policy AF, comments can be made only by district patrons concerning items listed on this agenda.
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Suzanne Cannon
7. Discussion and possible action on district guidelines concerning face coverings for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Follow the current masks all the time for the remainder of the year.
  • revert to the above yellow category approved by the board as part of our return to learn plan
  • Remove mask mandate and make masks optional for all staff and students
8. Finance Consent Docket- All of the finance consent items will be discussed, considered and approved or disapproved by one vote unless a board member desires to have a separate vote on any or all of the consent items.
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Suzanne Cannon
8.A. Encumbrances and Change Orders as recommended by Dr. Jason Simeroth, Superintendent, and Jim Fenrick, Chief Financial Officer
Attachments: (1)
8.B. Treasurer's Report(s) and General Fund Report(s)
Attachments: (1)
8.C. Child Nutrition Report
Attachments: (1)
9. Business Consent Docket: All of the consent items will be discussed, considered and approved or disapproved by one vote unless a board member requests to have a separate vote on any or all of the consent items.
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Suzanne Cannon
9.A. Minutes of the April 5, 2021, board meeting
Attachments: (1)
9.B. Third Amendment to Sodexo contract
9.C. Renew contract with Shannan Frohock for Hearing Impaired Services
Rationale:  There are no changes from the 20-21 school year contract.
9.D. Renew contract with My ASL Interpreting Services for Substitute Interpreter
Rationale:  There are no noted changes from the 20-21 school year contract.
9.E. Renew contract with April "Nikki" Keck for educational consultant services for our Vision Impaired students
Rationale:  No noted changes from school year 20/21
9.F. Vote to approve or disapprove Resolution for Schools and Libraries Universal Services (E-Rate) for 2021-22.  This resolution authorizes filing of the Form 471 application(s) for funding year 2021-22 and the payment of the applicant’s share upon approval of funding and receipt of services.
Rationale:  The Schools and Libraries E-rate Program provides discounts on eligible data transmission services and internet access, internal connections, and managed internal broadband services and equipment for eligible schools and libraries. This resolution approves receiving our portion of the subsidized funding from Federal e-Rate funds and allocates our portion of responsibility for the remaining balance. Note the remaining balance is typically offset by additional state OUSF (Oklahoma Universal Service Fund) funds and results in no cost to the district.
9.G. Renewal of contract with Department of Rehabilitative Services for Work Adjustment Training
Rationale:  There is no noted changes from the 20/21 school year.
9.H. Surplus items
Attachments: (1)
9.I. Renewal of contract with BC Behavioral for professional academic and behavioral consultation
Rationale:  There is a decrease in mileage rate from 2020/2021 school year
9.J. Renew contract with Youth & Family Services
Rationale:  There are no changes in the contract from the 2020-2021 school year.
9.K. Contract with Constellation NewEnergy LLC for the third-party purchase of natural gas
Rationale:  This contract eliminates our current provider's marketing fee at an estimated annual savings of nearly $3,000.
9.L. Pursuant to the TLE Qualitative Evaluation Waiver and Assurances provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, the educators listed who were hired in Yukon Public Schools during the 2017-2018 school year either did or would have received an evaluation score of Effective or higher during both the 2019-2020 school year and the 2020-2021 school year.
10. New Business:  this business, in accordance with Oklahoma Statutes, title 25-311 (A)(9) is limited to any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the time of posting this agenda. 
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Suzanne Cannon
11. Personnel Docket:
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Suzanne Cannon
  • PERSONNEL- We will recruit, retain, and compensate highly motivated educators that are committed to professional growth and excellence.
11.A. Personnel-Vote to convene or not to convene in executive session pursuant to 25 O.S.307 (B)(1) to discuss the resignations, employment of support and certified personnel, promotions, recommendation of change of assignment, and/or transfers as listed on the attached Exhibit A and the teachers to be rehired for the 2021-2022 school year.
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Suzanne Cannon
Attachments: (5)
11.B. Acknowledge the board has returned from executive session. Executive session minutes compliance announcement.
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Suzanne Cannon
11.C. Discussion and possible action on Personnel items on Exhibit A and list of teachers for rehire.
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Suzanne Cannon
12. Adjournment
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Suzanne Cannon

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