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July 14, 2016 at 6:00 PM - Oakdale Public School Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order / Roll Call / Establishment of a Quorum
2. Recognition of Guests
3. Minutes
3.1. Consideration, discussion and action of the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of June 7, 2016.
4. Financial
4.1. Consideration, discussion and possible action to approve blanket purchase orders for the 2016-17 school year as presented by the encumbrance clerk. These purchase order amounts are based on the 2016 payment history and 2017 projections.
4.2. Consideration, discussion, and action concerning warrants, encumbrances, and purchase orders. These approvals and payments will be for both the year ending June 30, 2016 and for the year beginning July 1, 2017.
4.2.1. General Fund Child Nutrition
4.2.2. Building Fund
4.2.3. Activity Fund Consideration, discussion, and action to establish and activity fund account to track yearbook expenditures and expenses and to move money into that account already designated for the yearbook from other activity fund accounts.
4.2.4. Bond Fund 31
4.2.5. Bond Fund 32
4.2.6. Bond Fund 33
4.3. Consideration, discussion, and approval of Treasurer Reports / Financial Statements /Investment Review
4.4. Board to take action on a motion approving the renewal of a lease-purchase for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017 as required under the provisions of the Equipment Lease/Purchase Agreement dated June 20, 2012 between the district and MR, Inc.
5. Business
5.1. Public Comment
5.2. Independent Committee / Organization Reports
5.2.1. Consideration, discussion, and approval of sanctioning the Oakdale Parent Teacher Club and the Oakdale Foundation as representative organizations of the school and the district.
5.3. Consideration, discussion, and possible action concerning construction services with Oklahoma County District #1
5.3.1. General Mutual Cooperation Agreement
5.3.2. Contract for service to build a parking area on the east side of the building in the amount of $72,068.85 with the school district responsibility of $54340.55
5.4. Consideration, discussion, and action concerning an exception the local PK Policy to comply with federal guidelines.
5.5. Consideration, discussion, and action to continue unemployment compensation services with OPSUCA.
5.6. Administrative Reports
5.7. Proposed executive session to discuss the employment of a third grade teacher and the evaluation and employment of the superintendent. 25 O.S. Section 307(B)(1)
5.7.1. Executive Session Vote to convene or not convene into Executive Session. Acknowledge return to open session (no vote is needed) Reading of the Executive Session Compliance Statement by the Board President.
5.8. Action on the contract of the superintendent.
5.9. Action to employ Lisa Erb for the 2016 - 2017 school year as a classroom teacher
6. Adjournment

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