August 10, 2015 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order and Roll Call, Moment of Silence, Flag Salute
2. Approval of Minutes: Approval of minutes of the Regular Board of Education meeting of July 13, 2015
3. Recognition of Guests:
3.A. None
3.B. Open Forum
3.C. Others
4. Consent Agenda:
4.A. Fund Raisers
4.A.1. Cross Country/Mr. Brown
4.A.2. HS FCCLA/Ms. Brune
4.A.3. HS Band/Mr. Hathcote & Mr. Brady
4.A.4. HL/NE/Acad C/Mrs. Watson
4.A.5. North Park/Mrs. Costilla
4.A.6. NP/Sal/Prairie Library/Mrs. Williams
4.A.7. HS & JH Choir/Mrs. Jett
4.A.8. Academy Elementary/Mrs. Schreiner
5. Approval of Encumbrances: Approval of Encumbrances No. 145 - 308 in the amount of $1,322,585.90 from the 2015-16 General Fund; Encumbrances No. 2-3 in the amount of $34,121.00 from the 2015-16 Building Fund
6. Superintendent's Report:
6.A. Financial
6.A.1. Monetary Funds Report
6.A.2. Investment Report
6.A.3. Activity Funds Report
6.B. General Information
6.B.1. HS Roof & Newcomers Center
6.B.2. Curriculum Issues
6.B.3. Federal Programs and Operations
6.B.4. Other
7. Unfinished Business
7.A. None
8. Current Business
8.A. Discussion with Possible Action on Approving Active Shooter Addition to the Emergency Management Plan
8.B. Discussion with Possible Action on Approving Contract for Career and Technology Education Programs for 2015/16
8.C. Discussion with Possible Action on Contract with West Texas A & M for Speech Services
8.D. Proposed Executive Sessions (25 O.S. Sec. 307 (B) (1))
8.D.1. Executive Session to Discuss Resignations, Hiring of Certified and Non-Certified Personnel, Student Related Actions, Student Hearings, and other Personnel Actions, Attorney-Client Information and Consultation, and/or Security and Acts of Terrorism for the 2015-16 School Years.
8.D.2. Vote to Return to Open Session and Statement of Purpose of Executive Session and those Present were Melton, Bryson, Purdy, Breuer, Ray, Dain, Brown, Hernandez
8.E. Vote to Approve the Hiring of Certified and Non-Certified Personnel and Resignations:
8.E.1. Hiring for School Year 2015-16
8.E.1.1. Laura Leiter/JH Science (Pending Certification/Temporary Contract)
8.E.1.2. Darla Garrison/HS Bric (Pending Certification/Temporary Contract)
8.E.1.3. Katrina Sledge/Academy Registrar
8.E.1.4. Mayra Moreno/NP Special Ed Aide
8.E.1.5. Norma Balderama/JH Special Ed Aide
8.E.1.6. George Hinojosa/JH Special Ed Aide
8.E.1.7. Carol Grider/Video Conference Center
8.E.1.8. Danie Williams/JH Registrar
8.E.1.9. Yanira Chavarria/Academy Computer Lab Aide
8.E.1.10. Corbin Frerichs/JH ISD
8.E.1.11. Aldalinda Ochoa/HS ELL Aide
8.E.1.12. Samantha Allum/HS Special Ed Aide 6/7
8.E.1.13. Aubrey Falkner/JH Asst Volleyball Coach
8.E.1.14. Ismael Carrillo/HS Asst Softball Coach
8.E.1.15. Leslie Gooding/Food Service Truck
8.E.1.16. Maria Santillian/Academy Cook
8.E.1.17. Barbara Valdez/HL Cook/Manager
8.E.1.18. Gabriella Fernandez/HS Cook
8.E.1.19. Jeff Lively/HS Biology Teacher (Pending Certification/Temporary Contract)
8.E.1.20. Amanda Coble/HS Cheerleading Coach
8.E.1.21. Scot Dahl/HS Asst Soccer Coach
8.E.1.22. Jerel Brooks/HS Math 6/7
8.E.1.23. Alondra Ibarra/Academy Library Aide 1/2 time
8.E.2. Resignations
8.E.2.1. Melvin Phillips/JH ISD
8.E.2.2. Penny Harland/JH Registrar
8.E.2.3. Viridiana Gaucin/Academy Registrar
8.E.2.4. Dim Lun Vung/Carrier Special Ed Aide
8.E.2.5. Johnna Sandoval/HS Science
8.E.2.6. Mary Jean Brewer/Cook
8.E.2.7. Angel Mowry/JH Special Ed Aide
9. New Business
10. Adjournment
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