June 30, 2015 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education Special Meeting

1. Roll Call
2. Order of Procedure for Due Process Hearing for Laura Soto
2.A. Opening Statement by Superintendent
2.B. Opening Statement by Laura Soto
2.C. Presentation of Superintendent's evidence, followed by cross-examination of witnesses by Laura Soto
2.D. Questions by board members
2.E. Redirect, recross, or additional questions by board members
2.F. Presentation of Laura Soto's evidence
2.G. Cross-examination of Laura Soto's witnesses by Superintendent
2.H. Questions by board members
2.I. Redirect, recross, or additional questions by board members
2.J. Presentation of rebuttal and surrebuttal evidence as necessary
2.K. Closing argument by Laura Soto
2.L. Closing argument by Superintendent
3. Proposed Executive Session to discuss non-renewal or termination of Laura Soto and to deliberate possible Findings of Facts. 25 O.S. 307 (b)(1)
4. Vote to go or not to go into Executive Session
5. Vote to return to Open Session
6. Executive Session Minutes Compliance Announcement
7. Vote to adopt or not to adopt proposed Findings of Fact concerning Superintendent's recommendation to terminate/non-renew Laura Soto
8. Vote to terminate employment of Laura Soto
9. Discussion with possible action on approving Form 307 for 2015 Child Nutrition
10. Proposed Executive Sessions (25 O.S. Sec. 307 (B)(1))
10.A. Executive Session to discuss resignations, hiring of certified and non-certified personnel, student related actions, student hearings, and other personnel actions, attorney-client information and consultation, and/or security and acts of terrorism for the 14/15 & 15/16 school years
10.B. Vote to return to open session and statement of purpose of Executive Session and those present
11. Vote to approve the hiring of certified and non-certified personnel and resignations/terminations
11.A. Hirings
11.A.1. Tammy Hawkins/NP 5th Grade Teacher
11.A.2. Brenda Hopkins/NP Title I Reading
11.A.3. Shirley Smith/NP Counselor
11.A.4. Keari Bennett/Salyer KG (pending certification) (temporary contract)
11.A.5. Bill Smith/HS Math
11.A.6. Charity Baird/Carrier Special Ed Aide
11.B. Resignations & Terminations
11.B.1. Kelli Winters/Special Ed Secretary
11.B.2. Ginger Born/HS Special Ed Teacher
11.B.3. Kayla Gilchrist/NP 5th Grade
11.B.4. Maria Ortiz/Academy Custodian (Termination)
12. Vote to adjourn meeting
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