February 9, 2015 at 7:00 PM - Sapulpa Public Schools Board of Education Independent School District Number 33 Creek County Regul

Call the meeting to order and Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.
Consent Agenda
Approval of the minutes of the 1-12-15 regular board meeting.
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Approval of the minutes of the 1-24-15 special board meeting.
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Approval of 2014-15 general fund purchase order encumbrance numbers 791 through 871.
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Approval of 2014-15 building fund purchase order encumbrance numbers 72 through 76.
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Approval of 2014-15 child nutrition fund purchase order encumbrance numbers 94 through 97.
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Approval of the monthly financial reports of the school Activity Funds account.
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Approval of the Treasurer's Report on the status of Funds and Investments.
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Approval of the Out-Of-State activity trips as per Attachment.
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Approval of fundraisers as per Attachment.
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Hearing from the Public
Information & Discussion Items
Digital Curriculum Update
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Bond Project Update
Energy Education Update
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Superintendent Comment
Action Items
Vote to approve/disapprove a 2015-16 school calendar.
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Vote to approve/disapprove an agreement (AIA Document A133) with DC Bass & Sons Construction Company for construction management services.
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Vote to approve/disapprove authorizing Tammy Makinson Whitten to receive sick leave donations from other employees as authorized by Board Policy 461.18 SICK LEAVE DONATION.
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Proposed executive session to discuss (1) Personnel listed as authorized by 25 O.S. Section 307(B) of the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, (2) the employment evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools as authorized by 25 O.S. Section 307(B)(1) of the Oklahoma Meeting Act, and (3) to discuss potential candidates for the open position of Seat Number 5 on the Sapulpa Board of Education as authorized by 25 O.S. Section 307(B)(1) of the Oklahoma Meeting Act.
Vote to convene in executive session.
To acknowledge the Board has returned to open session.
Statement of executive session minutes.
Vote to approve/disapprove Employing Personnel as per attachment.
Vote to approve/disapprove the following transfers:
Transfer Donia Doudican from District Gifted and Talented Coordinator to District Digital Curriculum Project Manager, effective 1-5-14.
Transfer Melinda Estes from Middle School Registrar to Junior High Interim Site Activity Fund Custodian, effective 1-26-15.
Transfer Janette Sammarco from Enrollment Center Coordinator to Middle School Registrar, effective 2-2-15.
Vote to accept Resignations received since the last board meeting.
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