August 11, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Sapulpa Public Schools Board of Education Independent School District Number 33 Creek County Regul

Call the meeting to order and Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.
Consent Agenda
Approval of the 7-14-14 regular board meeting minutes.
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Approval of 2014-15 general fund purchase order encumbrance numbers 250 through 418.
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Approval of 2014-15 building fund purchase order encumbrance numbers 49 through 52.
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Approval of 2014-15 child nutrition fund purchase order encumbrance number 47.
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Approval of 2014-15 bond (fund 31) fund purchase order encumbrance number 1.
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Approval of 2014-15 bond (fund 35) fund purchase order encumbrance number 1.
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Approval of 2014-15 bond (fund 36) fund purchase order encumbrance numbers 1 through 3.
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Approval of the monthly financial reports of the school Activity Funds account.
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Approval of the Treasurer's Report on the status of Funds and Investments.
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Approval of revisions to June's Treasurer Report.
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Approval of form 307 appropriations for the 2013-14 Co-op Fund.
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Approval of a Lease Agreement with Dennis and Kristi Sprague to lease 1116 East Hobson, Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066.
Approval of designating a 1,080 hour school 2014-15 calendar.
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Approval of an Agreement for Services with SearchSoft Solutions for access to the McREL Principal Evaluation System.
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Approval of a 2014-15 Drop-Out Recovery Joint Agreement with Central Tech.
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Approval of offering Central Tech courses as part of the Sapulpa School District curriculum to allow students to receive the appropriate academic credits.
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Approval of an agreement between Sapulpa Schools and Tulsa Community College for a 2014-15 Teacher Education Program.
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Approval of a 2013-14 Head Start/School System Plan of Action - Transition Agreement with United Community Action Head Start.
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Approval of a 2014-15 Memorandum of Agreement with Muscogee (Creek) Nation Behavioral Health Substance Abuse Services Program.
Approval of fundraisers as per Attachment.
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Hearing from the Public
Information & Discussion Items
ERate Funding Changes
Google For Education
Update - Reading Sufficiency Act Student Progress
Chromebooks - Networks - Social Studies Curriculum
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Chief Negotiator - Larry Smith
Superintendent Comments
Action Items
New Business - items not known or foreseen when agenda was posted.
Vote to approve/disapprove revised Board Policy 940 ERATE POLICIES.
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Proposed executive session to discuss Personnel listed as authorized by 25 O.S. Section 307(B)(1) of the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act.
Vote to convene in executive session.
To acknowledge the Board has returned to open session.
Statement of executive session minutes.
Vote to approve/disapprove Employing Personnel as per attachment.
Vote to approve/disapprove the following transfers:
Cyndee Musser, District Substitute Teacher to Jefferson Heights HQ Special Education Assistant, effective 8-21-14.
Heidi Watson, Holmes Park Special Education Assistant to Woodlawn Annex Family Support Worker, effective 8-1-14.
Cindy Wimmer, Liberty Teacher Assistant to Holmes Park HQ Special Education Assistant, effective 8-21-14.
Vote to approve/disapprove Athletic Department coaches for 2014-15 as per Attachment.
Vote to approve/disapprove the discharge of Lori Moorman, Freedom Cook, effective 5-29-14.
Vote to accept Resignations received since the last board meeting.
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